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    Workgroup Server


    Workgroup Server


    RTCS Workgroup ServerTM Solutions – Reliable access to applications and data anytime, anywhere

    The RTCS Workgroup Server is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to the domain based local network. A Workgroup Server is easier to implement and administer as compared to local network as RTCS engineers will provision and maintain the server 24×7. Additionally, a Workgroup Server expands capacity “on demand” when the user base or number of applications increases. Multiple applications such as Tax software, CRM application or Accounting application such as QuickBooks can be installed on WGS.

    Business owners have one special concern of having an expandable server architecture which can easily mould with their growing needs thereby reducing their IT infrastructure cost. Additionally,  technical manning of the IT infrastructure forms an important investment which may not be related to a businesses core domain. The Workrkgroup Servertm is one an excellent solution if you are being troubled regarding these factors. Workgroup Servers keep your business “online” 24×7 so all staff can have reliable access to all applications and data from any location.

    Workgroup Servers scores over local network not only in terms of connectivity but also in relation to security of your data and applications.RTCS provides always on monitoring of servers in terms of security threats and  as well as  password protected access to your applications. Workgroup Servers are most reliable in terms of security. RTCS provides for daily backup of your data in dual locations so that your data is secure.
    Workgroup Server architecture is easy to expand. RTCS can expand your network as and when you require. The expansion may be in terms of number of users as well as applications. Workgroup Servers are being hosted by RTCS and you are dealing only with the access of your applications and not the technical aspects regarding server maintenance and are backed by “always on”  support.

    Hence, if you feel that your “computer network” is not effectively connecting all of your staff and clients to the applications and data they need to be productive; it is time you take advantage of an RTCS Workgroup Server. Also, if you are bogged down by recurring technology issues that never seem to end and cost a small fortune to resolve, then RTCS Workgroup Servers is the best alternative for you.
    The RTCS Workgroup Server solution replicates your existing server and provides access to all your applications and data from any Internet connection complete with 24×7 support services.

    Benefits of hosting applications on RTCS Workgroup Servers are:

    1. Applications of your choice installed and maintained at a secure Tier 4 data center
    2. Access applications on your workgroup  remotely  from any Internet connection
    3. Latest server technology and operating system i.e. Windows Server 2008
    4. Reliable low cost solutions that can scale as your needs require
    5. Managed remote support  to maintain ongoing “health” of the server
    6. Workgroup security Monitoring 24×7 and constant surveillance, network monitoring, and power backup systems.
    7. Daily data backup
    8. 24×7  for workgroup support
    9. Configure Workgroup server for you
    10. Change your workgroup on demand or add another workgroup easily
    11. Workgroup access password protected

    RTCS Workgroup Server option can have you up and running with a reliable and cost-effective solution quickly and seamlessly with a support team that will be available to assist you 24×7.


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