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    Windows Server Hosting


    Windows Server Hosting Through Real Time Cloud Services

    Windows Server hosting offers more functionality and flexibility than any of the other technical solutions that are available. With this technology, it is easy to respond to large-scale peaks in demand.

    With Windows Server hosting through Real Time Cloud Services, you get free from the constraints of barriers, border, and gravity.

    Real Time Cloud Services’ Advantage

    Subscribing to Windows Server hosting through us can enable your business to avail all the benefits of corporate class business software without indulging yourself into the cumbersome tasks of running and managing it. Real Time Cloud Services delivers to small and medium size businesses a comprehensive set of cloud hosting solutions. With our cloud hosting services, small and medium size businesses are able to run enterprise class applications which otherwise would not have been feasible for small budgeted companies. With years of experience in serving businesses in the cloud, we understand the value of technology that is scalable and familiar from day one for you and your employees. We offer variety of cloud-based business solutions and round the clock support.

    Advantages of Windows Server Hosting Through RTCS

    Subscribing to software delivered over the Web can enable your business to take advantage of enterprise-class software without the burden or cost of managing the technology yourself. Real Time Cloud Services provides cloud hosting solutions for enterprise class applications with the reliability, security, and global reach you need for your business.

    Windows Server Hosting Saves Your Money and Increases Revenue

    Windows Server Hosting involves leveraging high-tech infrastructure to feature the growth of business while gaining the maximum benefits from the smallest investment. Requirement-specific IT infrastructure can be built and the client can smoothly run a comprehensive IT environment virtually at a small cost. Thus, the capital and operational costs can be productively used in other business operations.

    Experience a Superior Platform for Your Business

    Internet has become part of ordinary life at home, at work, and on the go. Windows Server includes many features that make it a superior Internet platform for your business. With Windows Server hosting facility, you can easily deploy and manage Web applications for internal use and for your customers. Whether you build your own Web applications internally or buy them, the features provided by Windows Server hosting service enable you to more easily deploy and manage Web solutions that are ready to scale.

    Allows You to Enjoy Greater Control over Your Business

    The most valuable and expensive resources in your company are your people. With Windows Server hosting through Real Time Cloud Services, you are not required to manage and maintain Windows Server. This significantly lowers your overall maintenance costs and reduces the work required for routine maintenance tasks. This leaves more time for your business experts to work on other projects and can increase your overall business productivity. Windows Server is a strong workhorse and it is capable of running the most demanding applications in the most challenging environments. It has been designed to help your IT infrastructure grow as your business grows.

    Solid Foundation for Enterprise Workloads

    Windows Server hosting solution provides you an enterprise class operating system, capable of scaling to the largest data center workloads, while helping to ensure strong security and high availability. Windows Server allows you to create solutions that can solve your most demanding technical requirements. Specifically, Windows Server hosting provides enterprise class foundation for workloads by providing improved scaling, reliability, and security. Windows Server provides a platform with future growth potential that will allow you to take advantage of future operating systems.

    Improves Scalability, Availability, and Security

    Every application is mission critical to the users that depend on the application for performing their day to day job functions. Any outages of services, slow performance, or compromise in security can result in loss of productivity and cause potential damage to an organization. Windows Server hosting, through us, helps create solutions that are able to support mission critical applications, while also helping to ensure that you can manage your solutions with less effort than with other operating system platforms.

    Windows Server hosting helps improve the scalability, reliability, and security of your applications. This is due to both the in-built capabilities of Windows Server software and the hosting technology afforded to you by Real Time Cloud Services. Windows Server provides high processor performance and memory capacity for applications.

    Windows Server hosting improves application platform security for all applications running on Windows Server.

    Windows Server hosting allows you to remain flexible to changing business needs. With the ability to elastically scale up or down to meet your business needs, hosting provides you to run your business at all times. Windows Server hosting is capable of the unprecedented workload size, dynamic scalability, and across-the-board availability and reliability. Windows Server hosting supports increased scaling capabilities that allow you to support greater workloads than ever before. Features that improve performance and operational flexibility include support for larger workloads by adding more servers to a workload (scaling out), and support for larger workloads by utilizing or increasing system resources (scaling up).

    The Network Load Balancing feature in Windows Server allows you to combine two or more computers into a cluster. You can use NLB to distribute workloads across the cluster nodes in order to support a larger number of simultaneous users.

    Provides Improved Storage Solutions

    The ability to quickly access information is more critical today than ever before.

    Windows Server supports multiple paths to storage devices. When multiple paths exist to storage, one can load balance storage operations by load-balancing the storage requests. This optimizes the performance for storage solution.

    Availability of storage is essential to all mission-critical applications in your organization. With multiple paths existing between servers and storage, Windows Server can failover to an alternate path if the primary path fails. One can select the failover priority by configuring the load-balancing policies for storage solution.

    Improvement in Backup and Recovery

    Backup and recovery are very important for the continued operation of the services and applications running on Windows Server. Windows Server hosting greatly improves the already in-built backup and recovery features of Windows Server software. We provide all the essential backup and recovery measures which form the fundamentals of cloud hosting technology.

    Grow Your Business with Enterprise-Class Collaboration and Productivity Tools

    Cloud hosting technology enhances productivity and responsiveness with instant access to data and collaboration tools at any time and from anywhere round the globe. Windows Server hosting helps you to respond faster to customers, partners, suppliers, and other business needs.

    Use a Trusted and Familiar Technology

    Windows Server hosting means hosting trusted and familiar software. Windows Server is highly efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure software developed by Microsoft.

    Allows You to Remain Carefree

    Windows Server Hosting allows you to remain carefree as we provide full troubleshooting and support service, and that too, 24/7 and free of charge.

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