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    Virtual WAN


    Workgroup Server (WGS) from Real Time Cloud Services forms a type of Virtual WAN for business enterprises hosting multi-user applications over the cloud. This widespread network can encapsulate professionals from any part of the world and forms a web in which the users can access the company-specific information and software applications from any part of the world and at any time.

    The ease of scalability depicted by pay-as-you-go pattern is one of the biggest advantages of setting up a dedicated workgroup server. This enables even the business starters to gain the privileges associated with the exclusive features of cloud. As business requisites pile up, the amount of resources can be increased on demand.

    The option to scale up and down the business requirements ensures optimal level of resource utilization thereby contributing to a greener IT environment.Workgroup Server is an economical and steadfast solution for SMBs that offers them considerable level of continuing agility. This flexibility in business operations appears as an initiative to fulfill the gaps between the business requirements currently and in future.


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