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    Terms of Services


    Payment of Setup Fees and Service Fees must be made by credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard) or online check processing. Payment for all Services are due at the commencement of any service period, unless specifically stated otherwise in the offer or promotion pursuant to which you have ordered or are ordering the RTCS Services. All payments shall be made in United States Dollars.

    Payment by Credit Card or online check: prior to activation of your user account and at any applicable time thereafter you authorize RTCS to charge the credit card provided by you or transfer funds from the bank account provided by you for the amount of the fees due for the agreed upon services, together with any applicable set-up charges, registration fees, bank transfer fees, or fees resulting from services provided in addition to or in excess of the previously agreed-upon limits, or any other charges outlined herein as may be applicable.

    You further authorize RTCS to perform like transactions for all subsequent service periods and other applicable fees on or during a reasonable period in advance of the commencement of any such subsequent period until such fees are collected. It is your responsibility to provide RTCS with up-to-date credit card or bank transfer information that is sufficient to pay all fees due to RTCS when those payments are due. If for any reason the credit card or bank transfer information you provided is insufficient to pay any fees at the commencement of any service period, RTCS at its sole discretion will have the right to suspend and/or terminate your account.

    Refunds of Service Fees will be made only for pre-payment of Service Fees beyond the renewal date following the effective notice and termination of this agreement and only when pre-payment did not result in any discount or waiver of any fees. RTCS may grant refunds under any other circumstance it deems appropriate without waiving any other rights hereunder. RTCS is not responsible for refunds of any fees paid by you to any third party or delivery of any services purchased by you from any third party. The party that RTCS bills for use of the Services has the right to limit access to those Services.


    Call (Toll-Free) 1-888-408-6044 for Instant Inquiry!

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