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    Tax Software


    Tax Application Hosting

    RTCS provides application hosting solutions for all popular tax applications. Hosted tax applications are an excellent way to enable remote staff to work from any location 24×7.

    RTCS hosts all makes and versions of tax software for the accounting community. If you do not find your tax software listed here, contact us. Call 888-408-6044 for Tax software hosting or QuickBooks Hosting.


    Contact our sales team to host any of the following applications :
    ATX Tax Software
    Drake Tax Software
    Lacerte Tax Software
    ProSeries Tax Software


    Why Hosted Tax Software?

    During the busy tax season, do you feel like you are stuck in the hectic management of tax files while staying faraway from friends and family? This can be a time filled with great stress. Getting your tax software hosted on the cloud can help a lot here. With this, you can have the chance to relieve a great amount of stress and can complete all your piling tasks from your home, workplace or any other location.

    Hosting your mission critical tax and accounting applications on the cloud allows the liberty to move without any troubles of all your data files being linked to a stationary computer on your office desk. A benefit can also be seen in the sense that the employees can work freely from anywhere round the globe. Since the cost of physical setup is reduced when working in a virtual office environment, business owners can invest more in getting worthy employees and in research and development required for the enhancement of product or service quality.

    Tax application hosting provides significant benefits for any CPA firm allowing users to access mission critical data and applications from any location increasing productivity and profitability. Staff can work from any location including a client’s office, home office or directly from the corporate office location.

    There is a large number of application hosting solutions. A primary distinction relates to if the online application is true Software as a Service (SaaS) offering – a web based solution – or if the application is a Windows based application hosted in a Windows Terminal Server environment.


    Benefits of Tax Application Hosting

    1. Let your crucial times pass with ease: Ride on the tide with extra tax professionals at crucial times and easily integrate any number of users with your existing application. Pay only for what you use with this scalable solution.
    2. Use the Tax Software application(s) of your choice: Work online with ANY tax software application as per your free will. Customers can even have various tax applications hosted on the same dedicated server.
    3. Seamless availability of taxing data: Your crucial tax applications are spontaneously backed up at multiple locations. The data centers backing data on their secure servers are generally located at regions that are not prone to any disasters.
    4. Secure all your taxing operations: All security standards are in accordance with those defined and implemented by the United States Department of Defense. The cloud environment is equipped with standard physical and virtual internet safety constraints.
    5. Controlled Tax Environment: Most of the hosting vendors deploy the desired cloud environment within hours for getting the staff members quick and easy access. User permissions can also be created allowing specific users access to only specific data or applications if required.

    Call (Toll-Free) 1-888-408-6044 for Instant Inquiry!

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