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    Tax Hosting Advantages


    Tax Hosting Advantages

    RTCS Hosted Tax applications can help optimize the tax preparation process for CPA’s and accounting professionals. Tax software Hosting allows anytime anywhere access to your applications, secured backup, and collaboration with others as well as hosting different editions of the software. Tax Server Hosting comes with increased security backed by 24/7 support .

    Anytime anywhere access: Tax software  Hosting on RTCS terminal servers allows anytime anywhere access to all your tax applications. Time and cost savings are important consideration for any business. Always on access to your files allow you to save your transportation cost and time that is required in meeting clients.

    High speed access:  In Tax software  Hosting on terminal server, your licensed tax software is installed and run on the terminal servers and the users access the application like a local desktop interface. This allows high speed access to the tax software programs from any online connection.

    Multi-user collaboration: If you want to collaborate with staff for making changes to tax files, it is all easy when Hosting applications. This multi-user facility allows anytime, anywhere access, thus saving on your transportation cost and time. As a result you bring increased efficiency and productivity to your organization. The subscriber has the facility to control the level of access provided to specific users on different files and folders.

    Host different versions and editions: Your firm may be using many different types of licensed tax software. RTCS  terminal servers can host  different editions and versions of  tax software so that you do not have to make any amendments to your tax application environment while hosting tax software on RTCS terminal servers.

    Assured  support: RTCS tax software Hosting comes with 24/7 support  by certified professionals which comes included with the tax Hosting package. Real time troubleshooting helps increase business productivity as well as spares you from investing in personnel for IT troubleshooting. Thus with RTCS tax Hosting you save I.T. infrastructure maintenance costs.

    Data security: RTCS tax software comes with latest online data protection software such as firewalls, anti viruses; password protected access and encrypted transfer of data. To provide more security of your data, RTCS backup all your files in real time in multiple locations. The user also has the option of local backup of their data as well as printing of their files.

    RTCS hosted tax software comes with:

    • 24/7 support
    • Real time dual backup of your data in secured data centers
    • Hosting different versions of tax applications
    • Complete Server and Network security

    Real time Cloud services hosts all major Tax application such as Lacerte , Proseries, Drake, Taxwise, Taxworks  as well  provide QuickBooks hosting services.


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