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    Tax Applications FAQ


    Tax Applications Hosting FAQ

    What is RTCS tax application hosting?

    Tax software hosting involves installing and running your licensed tax software on RTCS terminal servers. This implies that users simply need basic Internet access at their end to access the tax application. They can access their applications and data by simply logging on to their hosted servers by establishing remote desktop connection. The best part with these hosted services is that the users can access the applications from anywhere, anytime through any remote device that supports internet access.

    Can RTCS tax hosting be considered as reliable and secure?

    RTCS terminal servers use the latest security measures such as firewall protection, anti-spyware, intrusion detection and password protected access. Backup of your data on dual locations ensures that your data is safe and protected. With RTCS easy-to-use hosting service, you will have complete control of your data and applications. You can even prioritize who can access your data and applications along with the degree of access.

    Which tax applications are hosted on RTCS servers?

    We host a number of licensed tax applications to meet the needs of most of the taxing professionals. Some of the most popular tax applications hosted with us are Lacerte, Drake, ATX, ProSeries, CCH, Tax Wise and Tax Works. We can also customize tax software hosting as per specific customer demands.

    Will I be able to back up my tax data locally?

    Yes, you can download your application-specific data files at any time and store them on your local system.

    Will I be able to withdraw any time from RTCS tax hosting services?

    Yes, RTCS charges its clients on a monthly basis and the users can feel free to withdraw any time. Further, the users can gain full backup of their application data to be stored locally.

    Does RTCS tax software hosting allow local backup of files?

    Yes, the users can back up a local copy of their data at any time. Besides, the company holds 30 day backup of the data on remote backup servers located in varied earthquake-free zones.

    Does this tax hosting environment require any new learning on my part?

    There is no additional learning required on the part of the users. The users just need to be conversant with the tax application that is being hosted on RTCS remote servers.

    Where does RTCS host client tax applications?

    RTCS hosts clients’ tax software on its fast and secure terminal servers that are located in the four distant data centers held by the company for ensuring complete safety and timely recovery of client data.


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