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    QuickBooks Scalability

    A Fundamental Tradeoff between Finances and Business Growth

    Application hosting on cloud servers allows business requirements to expand and contract according to the resource needs at any point of time. This virtual process aims to deliver on-demand resources for various distinctive business benchmarks including storage, servers and networking. This nature of cloud computing allows growth and contraction of resources to easily match the capacity of your business. Over-provisioning for the peaks is thus not an essential.

    At the software level, cloud computing allows developers to develop, deploy, and run applications that can easily grow in capacity, work fast and almost never fail, all without any concerns as to the nature and location of the underlying infrastructure. Cloud computing offers many advantages to newer and smaller business organizations. With easy access to a cost-effective and flexible technological platform, small business organizations can increase application capacity and scalability, and can quickly turn into significant business benefits.

    RTCS Approach to Deliver Scalable Solutions to Clients

    RTCS follows a cyclic approach to delivering scalable resources to clients. We hold an extensive range of packages to serve the most common small and medium scale customer requirements. For differed plans, we customize requirements to form the perfect fit for client business. Our customization process is divided into four important stages:

    Define Scalable Environment

    Every business organization starts from a certain base point and works to meet the pre-defined goals and set-down benchmarks. The requirements are likely to increase over a period of time. RTCS representatives interact with clients to clearly understand their current and predicted resource requirements so as to define their business-specific scalable environment.

    Develop the Desired Cloud Infrastructure

    After in-depth analysis of client requirements, the desired resources are gathered and the appropriate cloud infrastructure is built. Dedicated servers with customized software are prepared and remote login credentials are provided to the clients for accessing their hosted data and applications from anywhere, anytime at their free will.

    Simulate the Processes to Meet Client Needs

    Simulation of processes ensures that the client requirements are properly met and there are no loopholes in the process. Testing of the customized infrastructure is the next step. Checking of security constraints, access control and intrusion detection mechanisms ensure that client data and applications are safe and that the client is being delivered with a secure sphere for IT computing.

    Measurement of Performance Metrics

    Measurement of performance metrics is regularly undertaken through calls and emails to seek feedback from clients and to determine that the right quality of services is being provided to them. Based on client feedback, mandatory actions are taken and the cycle repeats unless 100% satisfaction is earned from the concerned clients.


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