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    Proseries Tax Software


    ProSeries Tax Software Hosting

    Faster Tax return preparation

    ProSeries Tax Software hosting makes the tax returns preparation process faster.  ProSeries hosting allows the files to be accessed from anytime anywhere by the tax preparer, their client or staff. This leads to better productivity and time savings due to better collaboration. Now the tax preparers can work from anywhere as well as recruit mobile or outsourced workforce which is relatively cheaper and useful when the work pressure is high. The result is, more tax return prepared in less time with the ProSeries Tax application hosting, enhanced performance and competitiveness.

    Error free Tax Preparation with ProSeries software Hosting Service.

    ProSeries Tax Software hosting allows the tax preparer and their clients to remotely collaborate in real time from anywhere. Tax preparer can thus remotely demonstrate various features of the program see what changes their clients are making to the files or remotely train the clients. This leads to an error free tax Preparation process.

    Multiuser access

    ProSeries hosting on terminal servers allows many users to collaborate simultaneously during the tax preparation process. This leads to better management of the client database, importing and updating files as well as a number of state income tax forms and schedules. Besides that, multiuser access on terminal server is more secure, as customized user preference, access levels for individual users and local backup and printing options can be set as required by the client.
    Additionally, users do not have to worry about the installation and backup, as the licensed copy of the ProSeries tax program is installed and run on the terminal servers and the service comes with assured automatic backup of all data.

    ProSeries Add-ons

    Hosting ProSeries can enable easy integration of ProSeries Tax software with a number of ProSeries Add-ons such as ProSeries Document management systems, ProSeries forms library, ProSeries Network Solutions and ProSeries Clients manager. The basic benefit of having tax Software hosted together with the Add-ons is that due to existence of them on a common database importing data from an Add-on to ProSeries files is easy. Also the Service Provider ensures that all layers of the Add-ons files are accessible for the ProSeries Tax program. Consequently, there is considerable time and resource saving as multiple data entry needs are expensed with. Add-ons hosting thus makes multi-state tax preparation, using various forms as well as maintaining the client base easy with the enhanced data import capability.

    Better Data Security

    ProSeries Tax software Hosting service comes with remote backup of data in multiple locations. This is more secure than the local backup as there is real time monitoring of the network for online threats as well as protected with latest firewalls and security tools.

    Save money

    With ProSeries Tax software hosting, you focus on your core business and not on your local network and computers. No upfront cost in establishing IT network, managing data security or maintaining costly IT support staff. All these services are provided to you as a service and that also at fixed monthly costs. Money is also saved on IT infrastructure upgradation as with ProSeries Tax Software hosting you require the minimal system configuration to run the Tax application. And you can run the application on different devices and platforms.

    ProSeries Software Hosting

    All editions of ProSeries Tax software can be hosted on Terminal servers or a cloud hosting services platform. Real Time Cloud Services hosts all versions of the tax software such as ProSeries Basic, ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Plus on Terminal servers. All editions of the ProSeries Tax Software such as ProSeries  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 can be hosted.

    RTCS ProSeries Tax Software hosting services.

    Real Time Cloud Services ProSeries Tax Software Hosting comes with:
    •    Anytime anywhere access to the tax files
    •    Dual backup of data in multiple locations
    •    24x7x365 support
    •    Security of Data: the client’s data is stored in highly secured Tier IV Data centers and the network is fortified with latest firewalls and online security tools.

    Host other Applications besides ProSeries Tax Software

    Besides ProSeries hosting, RTCS also hosts a number of other accounting and Tax applications such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Lacerte Tax software as well as ACT! CRM. The clients thus deal with only one service provider. Besides there is also easy integration between QuickBooks and Lacerte and QuickBooks and ACT! CRM if all of them are hosted on Terminal servers. With Terminal Server managed Application Hosting managing Add-ons for various Applications is also easy.

    ProSeries Software Hosting pricing


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