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    Peachtree Software


    Peachtree Hosting – Peachtree Accounting Software Hosting

    Real Time Cloud Services hosts any on-demand version of Peachtree Software including Peachtree Complete 2011. (We do not host any previous version of Peachtree Complete). Peachtree Hosting allows the accounting application to be accessed from anywhere anytime as well as allows real time collaboration between a numbers of users.

    When can Peachtree Hosting Ease Accounting Operations?

    Peachtree hosting can be a feasible option for accounting under the following circumstances:

      1. The user does not have an established infrastructure to support IT operations involved with the use of Peachtree Accounting software or they do not want to spend so many dollars in setting up this massive system for use.
      2. The client does not want to be bothered with the day to day operational expenses that make up for a considerable part of TCO and instead want some hosting service provider to manage the same for him.
      3. The business necessities require that the Peachtree accounting software is manageable from anywhere and at any time with multi-user accessibility option so as to collaboration among different users is possible in real time without regard to geographical barriers.
      4. Besides hosting Peachtree accounting software on the web, the client also wants to use various add-ons that can work seamlessly with this software.

    Editions of Peachtree Software Hosted on RTCS Terminal Servers

    Sage Peachtree Accounting Software hosting lends complete flexibility to its users to expand their accounting operations in the cloud. With this edition, accountants can compare the budgets across a series of years, record all the claims, check profitability levels, compress and decompress files at local or hosted storage locations and work hassle-free without any security issues. The editions of Peachtree software that we host are:

    1. Peachtree Premium Accounting

    There are various specific versions of Peachtree Premium Accounting that we host:

    • Construction Edition (2006-2012)

    • Distribution Edition (2006-2012)

    • Manufacturing Edition (2006-2012)

    • Non-Profits Edition (2006-2012)

    2. Peachtree Quantum Accounting

    Versions 2007-2012 of Peachtree Quantum Accounting software are hosted on RTCS terminal servers that are backed with 99.9% server uptime and intense cloud security.

    3. Peachtree Pro Accounting

    Versions 2006-2012 of Peachtree Pro Accounting are hosted on our secure servers to deliver high-end solutions for automation of accounting processes.

    Peachtree Add-ons Hosting on Remote Terminal Servers

    Hosting of Peachtree add-ons benefits the accountants in a large number of ways. These add-ons expand the functionality of this software and integrate several other crucial features to work with the existing software. The most common hosted add-ons used with Peachtree include:

    • Payroll Solutions

    • Intelligence Reporting

    • Fixed Asset Calculation

    • Web based backup

    • Retirement Services

    • Credit Card Services

    • Checks & Forms

    Besides Peachtree hosting Real Time Cloud Services also hosts QuickBooks and MYOB Accounting software. Other small Business accounting software hosted on Terminal server is QuickBooks and Tax Applications such as Lacerte, ProSeries, Drake and ATX.

     Peachtree Software Hosting pricing


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