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    Liability Disclaimer - It is expressly understood and agreed that Real Time Cloud Services, LLC (RTCS) disclaims any and all warranties and liabilities with respect to services, materials, or equipment supplied hereunder and further disclaims any and all liability for any claim, suit, or liability that arises from or relates, in whole or in part to: (i) services provided or to be provided; (ii) interrupted access to client data; (iii) any failure of any hardware, software, or internet connection to perform as expected; and/or (iv) the use, misuse or loss of client data from any cause. Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless RTCS from and against any and all such claims, suits, and liabilities. It is further expressly understood and agreed that RTCS disclaims any liability for, and that all users agree to hold RTCS harmless from and against, any alleged claim, suit, or liability that relates to or arises from, in whole or in part, any cause beyond RTCS's reasonable control including, without limitation: malicious mischief, fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, strike or labor difficulty.

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