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    Getting MYOB hosted with an ASP on terminal servers or a cloud hosting platform is the right solution for the CPA as well as small and medium business if:

    1. The local network has not already been established and setting up the network would involve huge upfront cost for the Business
    2. The small business does not unnecessarily want to get involved in the IT infrastructure management and instead want to avail the expertise of a MYOB ASP
    3. The cost of IT infrastructure maintenance is huge and instead a monthly based subscription based service is desired.
    4. Anytime anywhere access to the accounting application is desired and hosting with a MYOB ASP make this possible in an easy manner.
    5. System or server upgrade cost need to be saved as using different version of the MYOB application may require different system configuration. MYOB ASP services obviate this need.

    What is MYOB ASP?

    A MYOB asp is the application service provider which hosts the MYOB accounting application on the terminal server. Thus the software is installed and run on the terminal server and users access it as a local desktop interface. Due to this reason the application can be accessed from any online connection from anywhere. With a MYOB ASP service comes multiuser access and collaboration to the application and flexibility to access the centralized database which is much easier to manage online. Similarly, QuickBooks and Peachtree Application can also be hosted on an ASP.

    MYOB ASP Services: Benefits

    The major benefits of Hosting MYOB on an ASP are:

    1. Pay as you use: Hosting with a MYOB ASP saves you the investment in setting up the IT infrastructure, provisioning for future needs as well frequent system and server upgrades. The services of the ASP are available on pay-per-month basis on. Thus you actually pay for what you use and not the future IT needs. Any number of new users can be added at anytime and hence you do not have to worry about the scalability.
    2. Cost of ownership of the Application is reduced: Installing and running an application is not a standalone process. It should involve the cost of running an application includes software, hardware as well as IT infrastructure maintenance costs. With MYOB ASP the cost of ownership for the accounting software gets reduced as there is no investment in local network, provisioning for IT support costs or setting up backup and security tools as all these services are included with the service of the MYOB ASP.
    3. Accessing the application using the latest technologies: Having the services of a MYOB ASP comes with the Assurance that you get latest Technology in terms of server, online security tools, data backup and protection.
    4. Easy deployment: With the services of a MYOB ASP deployment and accessing the application is easy and fast. Within a short notice period we can install your application and Setup the network to work for you. As against this, setting up a local network is both time and cost intensive.
    5. IT support costs are reduced: The service of an accounting ASP, ensures that your application is accessed and managed in most effective way as possible. Our certified support executive ensure that you get 24x7x365 support in case you need it. Besides troubleshooting we also take care of software updates as well.

    Real Time Cloud Services MYOB Application Hosting services

    Real Time Cloud Service is the leading accounting ASP providing MYOB as well as QuickBooks and Peachtree terminal services. We host all editions and versions of MYOB software on our terminal servers. The MYOB ASP service comes with:

    1. 24x7x365 support
    2. Dual Data Backup in multiple locations
    3. Password protected access to the MYOB database in a multiuser environment.
    4. Subscription based service where you pay only for the infrastructure you use.
    5. Host all editions and versions of the MYOB software
    6. Besides MYOB also host a number of other applications such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, ACT! By Sage CRM as well as Tax software.

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