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    MS SQL Server


    Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

    Reinvent the Power of Your Business with RTCS Cloud

    Cloud platform has evolved over the shortcomings of the conventional form of computing. Cloud computing helps to liberate the massive potential present in MS SQL Server and exploits it to the very best of businesses. Cloud platform allows you to take the resources you have and apply them to the next set of critical applications and opportunities.

    RTCS delivers a comprehensive set of cloud services and enterprise applications with the reliability, security, and global reach you expect for your business. So you don’t have to compromise with any desired functionality. RTCS cloud service makes greater productivity possible with enterprise applications you already know and the assets you already possess.

    Unleash the Power of MS SQL Server through Application Hosting in the Cloud

    MS SQL Server is Microsoft’s initiative to provide an integrated data management and analysis system encapsulating data warehousing, e-commerce and line-of-business solutions. The new 2008 edition is enriched with complete support for XML applications, Microsoft .Net Framework, MS Visual Studio and MS Office Applications. These features clubbed with the cloud offer enhanced examination, recording, and data incorporation facilities.

    MS SQL Server Versions that RTCS hosts

    RTCS extends its MS SQL Server hosting facilities to encapsulate the functionality of the following servers:

    • SQL Server 2008 R2

    • SQL Server 2008

    • SQL Server 2005

    • SQL Server 2000

    Provisioning, patching, and management can be troublesome! So why not let the experts handle this?

    Enhanced Predictability

    Costs are always a black hole when managing data-intensive applications. With internal IT engineers constantly being pulled into different directions, it is difficult for companies to understand how much time is dedicated to their database applications. Utilizing cloud infrastructure service as part of SQL Server hosting makes it much easier to predict the exact cost of the IT environment, and project monthly recurring operating expenses.

    Extending Developer’s Agility

    MS SQL Server is one of the most widely adopted relational database applications today. With a hosted server model, the developers can focus their efforts on development of applications rather than on the complexities of server installation and usage. The applications can be developed and tested over the local systems and the database can be migrated to the hosted server later. They can take advantage of programming technologies like LINQ and the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework, PHP, and Java.

    Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

    The ‘always-on’ mode of organizations running on cloud infrastructure enables them to collaborate with their employees through their hosted Microsoft SQL server. This hosted server may serve as a data hub to communicate secure information to peers in a secure manner. The privacy settings can be set by the clients so as to ensure that the confidentiality of their data is preserved.

    Reliable Data Backup & Dedicated Professional Support

    RTCS provides backup of data at multiple locations. All Servers are located at Tier IV data centers in earthquake free zones, with continuous electricity setup, HVAC system implementation and provision of biometric access. We provide free 24/7 dedicated, professional, and unlimited support via phone, chat and email and remote desktop connection.


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