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    Lacerte Tax Software


    Lacerte Tax Software Hosting

    Save your Time and money and become more productive 

    Lacerte Tax software hosting on Cloud offers a full array of professional tax software and value added tools to help your firm save hours per client so that you can provide more services, handle more business, and generate maximum revenue.”

    With integrated solutions across data collection, tax preparation, research, consulting and practice management, Lacerte Tax software provides you with a complete end to end system designed to significantly reduce the time to complete and manage critical tax work. With Lacerte hosting, you get much more time to handle more number of clients, deliver more services, and derive maximum profitability.

    Lacerte Tax Software Hosting Facilitates Tax Work and Maximizes Productivity

    Highly advantageous features, such as, unique data entry tools; exclusive QuickBooks integration; extensive review and diagnostic tools; missing data utility; and more.

    Advantages of Lacerte Hosting Through Real Time Cloud Services

    Lacerte Tax software hosting, through Real Time Cloud Services, significantly enhances its already acknowledged advantages. Lacerte Tax software hosting provides the following advantages-

    You can work with hosted Lacerte Tax software in real-time. Cloud hosting of Lacerte Tax software allows anytime, anywhere access and simultaneous multiuser collaboration, and hence, improves the efficiency with which tax return is filed. Hosting on terminal servers or cloud servers is perfect for tax and accounting firms with individual and business clients. Lacerte hosting helps professionals complete far more returns in far less time. From helping you move data seamlessly across your accounting and tax workflow to speeding you through preparation, hosted software helps you finish much faster.

    Lacerte Tax Software is Fully Integrable with Hosted QuickBooks

    Lacerte Tax software, if hosted on the same terminal server on which QuickBooks is hosted, allows the import of accounting data from QuickBooks in most trouble free manner. Hosted Lacerte software’s exclusive integration with hosted QuickBooks Premier Accountant software reduces time consuming preparation work and data entry. The Lacerte SmartMap tool saves you significant time by importing your QuickBooks trial balance data directly into Lacerte.

    Lacerte Tax Software Hosting provides these advantages:

      1. Facilitates Client Interaction

    Hosting can actually impact on the quality of Tax practitioners’ interaction with their clients. Through hosting, not only online collaboration becomes possible, but also, a professional is accessible anytime at the convenience of the client. Thus, customer satisfaction is better implemented in the hosting environment.

      1. Provides Enhanced Security

    Your data is your most important asset; its protection is our most important task. Our network security comprises a combination of address filtering routers, multiple redundant firewalls, and intrusion recognition devices to provide high protection for your data. Routine security measures include audits and intrusion tests.

      1. Provides Extreme Reliability

    Real Time Cloud Services’ application hosting technology provides a completely reliable solution. Our Tier IV data centers are SAS 70 Type II compliant. You get 99.9% uptime through us.

      1. No Need for Expensive Infrastructure with Lacerte Tax Software Hosting

    You don’t need to invest in buying costly equipments in order to run and maintain Lacerte Software. Through Lacerte hosting, getting an expensive and efficient network is no longer a concern. With us, the Internet becomes your network. We provision world class infrastructure; networking capabilities; data centers; software patches and updates; and expert staff to keep your software in an always running state. You are able to save considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent in troubleshooting of problems through hired Information Technology (IT) experts. Real Time Cloud Services’ ability to save you money can extend to making your front-line business operations more agile and reliable, and your business more competitive, which can help you actually add revenue.

      1. Provides Full-Featured Software

    Full-featured and hosted Lacerte Tax software offers superior productivity. Lacerte Hosting on cloud provides full-featured desktop version without any limitation or compromise.

      1. Benefit From Dual Data Backup with Lacerte Software Hosting

    With Lacerte Tax Software hosting on cloud based terminal servers, you get thirty days of daily rolling data backups at dual locations.

      1. Comprehensive and Free Support

    We provide 24/7 unlimited, full, and free support service along with full troubleshooting of problems. You get free 24×7 support via phone, chatand email. Support is available even through mobile phones, iPhones, and iPads.

    Lacerte Software Hosting pricing


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