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    Cloud Computing FAQ’s


    Cloud Computing FAQ’s

    How can I print documents from my remote server?

    Connection to the remotely located servers automatically tends to create a virtual connection between the client’s local printer and the remote server. This printer can thus be located on the virtual office as a local printer. Please note that the printer driver must be installed on the virtual office for the link to be created. Also make sure to contact our support staff to install your printer drivers.

    What is the procedure to install software applications on virtual office?

    The 3rd party managing the remotely hosted server can download the open-source software application required by the clients and install them on the servers. The clients can simply provide their license details and continue with the use of their server installed applications just as they were installed on their local computers. In case clients wish to install their applications from their CD or DVD, they need to get in touch with customer support at

    Is my data backed up at regular time intervals?

    RTCS runs customer-specific data backup at the end of each day. The time for backup is usually set at 10pm PST. Complete backup is mapped to various servers thereby ensuring multiple backups. This backup information is maintained on remote servers for 30 days so as to ensure restoration of the recent state of business operations in the event of any mishap.

    Which users have the permission to access my sensitive business information?

    User permissions for company employees can be exclusively set by the administrators. Customer information stored at our end is completely secure and cannot be accessed by any of our employees unless otherwise asked by the clients for specific reasons.

    Does RTCS support Microsoft Windows Vista?

    Yes, RTCS does support all versions Microsoft Windows Vista.

    Can RTCS cloud computing functionality work with MS Windows Servers 2000, 2003 & 2008?

    Yes, RTCS cloud environment is fully compatible to work seamlessly with all versions of Microsoft Windows Servers including 2000, 2003 and 2008.

    Does RTCS cloud computing environment support Macintosh?

    We support limited Macintosh functionality over our secure cloud computing environment. Microsoft has released a version of the “Remote Desktop” client for Macintosh. This client works well but there are some reported issues with printing.


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