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    Fishbowl Inventory


    Fishbowl Inventory Hosting

    Up-To-The-Minute Tracking of Financial Assets with Inventory Management

    QuickBooks stands first amongst the top-rated small and medium scale business accounting software in the United States. Financial management is a broad term indeed and QuickBooks alone lacks some functionality that is required for overall integration of all financial assets. Fishbowl inventory acts as a counterpart to supplement for the missing functionality of inventory management. The integration of QB with Fishbowl inventory hosting can help clients better understand and handle the cash inflow and outflow while keeping a strict track of all fiscal assets.

    As the Manufacturers present it “Fishbowl is the #1-requested solution for QuickBooks users looking for inventory management software. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, adding the functionality QuickBooks lacks so you can effectively manage your inventory.

    QuickBooks + Fishbowl= Big Benefits

    • Accounting methods
    • Barcode printing & scanning
    • Bill of materials/work orders
    • Credit card processing
    • Displays work-in-process
    • Drop shipping
    • Multiple location part tracking
    • Order picking
    • Parts tracking
    • Product/kit configurator
    • Remote access
    • Unit of measure conversions
    • User access rights
    • Variable pricing and discounting
    • Average costing
    • None
    • Simple assembly
    • Supported
    • None*
    • None*
    • Some (limited)
    • One at a time
    • None
    • None
    • VPN only*
    • None
    • Role-based
    • Percent, amount
    • LIFO, FIFO, standard & average costing
    • Supported
    • Almost unlimited parts, levels and stages
    • Supported
    • Supported
    • Supported
    • More than you’ll ever need
    • Combine orders, pick several at the same time
    • Serial, lot & revision #’s, exp. date & custom fields
    • Unlimited
    • Any network connection
    • Supported
    • Role-based and granular feature-based
    • Percent, amount & group and cost-plus pricing
    *QuickBooks Enterprise has some functionality for these features

    Real Time Cloud Services has been serving the application hosting industry for almost a decade now. We provide seamless interface for handling both QuickBooks and Fishbowl files in close co-ordination. Our cloud computing environment is structured over fully-protected terminal servers placed in secure data centers.

    The Benefits of QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory Integration with RTCS
    On-premise integration may be troublesome! With RTCS cloud solutions, clients can have their applications hosted on their remote terminal servers which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using any web-based device or media
    Requirements of accounting and inventory can be scaled as per the growing business needs. Financial data and applications can be stored safely on remote servers equipped with security standards and multiple backups
    Easy setup and instant activation of service hosted on clients’ dedicated servers. Technically qualified and professionally experienced staff ensures 24×7 support services to help clients deal with any technical issues in a timely manner

    Call (Toll-Free) 1-888-408-6044 for Instant Inquiry!

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