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    eBridge Hosting


    eBridge solution and QuickBooks hosting

    eBridge and QuickBooks Hosting through RTCS – a cost-effective and complete integration solution for your business!

    eBridge solution and QuickBooks are easily available through the RTCS, which is a cloud and application hosting service provider. QuickBooks Hosting simply means that the software and data files are stored, accessed, and run on the RTCS servers, rather than on one’s own PC. End users connect via internet to the RTCS to access and run software or data files.

    RTCS is a cloud hosting service provider which delivers hosted application services over the internet. RTCS runs the software provided by clients on its servers. RTCS provides your business several benefits such as-

    1• Reduced operational and maintenance costs: As cloud-computing follows a utility model in which service costs are based on consumption, you pay only for the resources that you use. Set-up and maintenance costs are also dramatically reduced.

    2• Frees up firm’s IT resources: By placing storage and server needs in the hands of RTCS, a company shifts the burden placed on its in-house IT team, and thereby, in-house IT department can focus on business-critical tasks.

    3• Easy implementation: RTCS provides for the hardware and implementation services for a fraction of the cost of an on-premises solution.

    4• Enhanced security: RTCS takes care of your data through trained data security professionals.

    5• Scalability: RTCS provides on demand availability of resources. An organization can add and subtract capacity as its work load dictates.

    6• Full, free, and dedicated support: Real Time Cloud Services provides free 24/7 dedicated professional support.

    eBridge for QuickBooks – An All-in-one Integration Solution!

    “eBridge solution is the only integration provider in the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) accounting package market to provide a universal solution – one core bridge with several options for integration.”

    “eBridge is the only solution available that solves the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) puzzle completely for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).”

    “eBridge software is the leader in application to application integration and data to application integration in the small to mid- sized market space.”

    eBridge solution bridges the information gap between your corporate associates, sales system, inventory system, supply chain management and web-store, and your QuickBooks accounting application.

    It features the exchange of data in multiple formats and in a bi-directional manner, elasticity in communication, different batch modes structured in attended and unattended manner for rationalized processing of data, and has the capacity to align its operations with a large variety of EDI decoders.

    By providing seamless and automated integration, the bridge allows businesses to eliminate the need for manual data entry, and to quickly achieve EDI compliance with business partners for maximum efficiency and minimum costs.


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