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    Rolling Data Backup


      Data Backup and Recovery

      Intensive Data Backup with On-Demand Disaster Recovery Options

      Data is the heart and soul of any business firm and its protection is thus crucial for the enterprise. Backing up files is an initiative towards protection of accidental data loss arising from corruption of database, unintentional deletion of data, hardware failures and natural disasters.

      Real Time Cloud Services encapsulates built-in data protection, fault tolerance and disaster recovery options for extending reliable hosting of data and applications on its servers. RTCS offers competitive data recovery plans that the traditionally managed solutions cannot match. With our ensured data recovery options, business organizations can continue their corporate operations in the face of radical environmental changes.

      The Considerations While Framing Our Backup Environment

      Depending on various factors, we create a cloud environment with extensive capacity to store and protect client data. We insure client data by forming a structured approach to shielding data from all possible threats so that clients can perform all their business operations in a hassle-free and safe manner.

      Intensive Data Backup Structure of RTCS Servers

      Real Time Cloud Services promises 30 days data backup at dual locations with consistent mapping of altered information on all the servers located at geographically spread data centers.

      Full Backup
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Sunday
      Full Backup
      All modifications since Sunday
      All modifications since Monday
      All modifications since Tuesday
      All modifications since Wednesday
      All modifications since Thursday
      All modifications since Friday

      *Differential Backup refers to the changes introduced to the last full backup

      **Incremental Backup refers to the changes introduced since the last full or differential backup

      The intensity of data loss resulting from catastrophic and non-catastrophic disasters can vary on a large scale. Our skilled technical team extends 24×7 quickbooks support services to clients in order to help them with recovery options.


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