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    Cost Efficiency


    Cost Effectiveness:

      “Technological innovation has dramatically lowered the cost of computing, making it possible for large numbers of consumers to own powerful new technologies at reasonably low prices.”


      – By James Surowiecki, an American Journalist managing ‘The Financial Page’


      The evolution of ‘Cloud’ has been one of the greatest initiatives in providing business organizations of all sizes with competitive technologies at the right time and at an affordable price. Some major factors forming the difference in the costs incurred with locally installed applications and hosted applications are depicted in the table below.

      Cost Efficiency Table

      Cost FactorsLocally Installed ApplicationHosted Applications
      Expenditure required in purchasing, installing, configuring and upgrading the software and hardware involvedRemote access to top-notch infrastructure /hardware/network provided by RTCS terminal servers.
      IT StaffExpenditure incurred in maintaining a separate IT department for managing server functionalityTrained IT experts with experience and technical know-how to manage remote servers
      Data CenterExpenditure required in purchasing space, building, running, and maintaining Data Center. Significant Electricity and bandwidth expenses.SAS 70 Compliant Type II, Tier IV Data Centers held by Real Time Cloud Services..
      SupportExpenditure required in setting up a technical department to deal with the core IT issues24/7 Free Unlimited Quickbooks  Support for timely resolution of customer issues and for guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction
      SecurityExpenditure required in setting up security constraints through access control, antivirus and various other security systems128-bit Encryption, Intrusion Detection, Redundant Firewall Setup, Live Monitoring, Biometric Access to Data Centers
      Data BackupExpenditure required in setting up and securing a backup server to hold complete user dataRobust rolling data backup at two separate facilities both on RAID 10 servers.
      Business ExpansionNo time for focusing and working on newer projects as a considerable part of time and money are spent in running and maintaining the massive IT infrastructureFreedom from IT complexities saves time and financial resources for the expansion of business.
      Increase In RevenueA lot of time and money spent in running and maintaining applications/servers leading to lowering of profits.Huge increase in profits due to smooth applications running without any effort from any location..

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