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    CommTrack Hosting


    Seamless CommTrack Hosting From Real Time Cloud Services

    Best Commission Tracking System for QuickBooks!!

    CommTrack software is a commission tracking system for QuickBooks. CommTrack integrates with QuickBooks 2009/10/11 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) seamlessly to process your commissions swiftly and precisely for unlimited payees.

    CommTrack computes commission amount rapidly and perfectly with active utilization of the date funded or for all invoices for any date range. Calculations can be based on either the gross returns generated by unrestrained beneficiaries or on the basis of sales performance.

    Benefits of CommTrack Hosting through Real Time Cloud Services

    CommTrack hosting solution helps you to estimate commissions on transactions or gross income on copiously remunerated account statements with the help of date of payments. The user holds complete authority to dodge any particular entity on which he doesn’t wish to receive any commission. In case you make a choice for the gross profitability, the expenses can originate from average cost at time of sale or from the bill that is associated with PO for finding out the actual expenses made.

    Rep file in the software holds the values of the standard commission involved. These rates can also be provided by the customer based on specific items. A particular value can be fixed as the amount of the entity and the bonus amount can be mentioned along with that. In case your sales manager is associated with the sales process, an extra amount can be added as an incentive to him. The users also hold the freedom to set up a separate rate for distinct customers at different points of time.

    The accounts statements containing commissions can be published by Rep files. Once you create an invoice, you cannot process it again. All previous records are stored so as to be retrieved at a later point of time and thus, time is saved in re-processing the same invoice. CommTrack hosting offers security of having your data automatically backed up and stored safely. It offers affordability at a low, monthly rate, eliminating IT service fees.

    CommTrack hosting provides convenience of accessing your entire business from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. You get automatic upgrades so that you are always using the latest version at no extra cost. CommTrack hosting provides accessibility of programs and files from an iPad or any other mobile device. Multiple users can gain access from multiple locations.


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