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    Cloud Services


    Cloud Services

    Why Choose RTCS Cloud Computing Services?

    RTCS is a leading provider of Cloud Computing solutions. Since 2004 we have been supporting businesses of all sizes with their hosting requirements. We were one of the first Cloud Computing solutions providers and now support thousands of clients all over the world in more than 20 countries. All of our services include 24x7x365 support. Our Cloud Computing solutions can provide hosting and management of any and all popular applications including:

      1. Accounting software (QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, QB add-ons, others)
      2. Tax application software (ATX, Drake, ProSeries, others)
      3. CRM applications (ACT! CRM, Goldmine, others)
      4. All Microsoft applications
      5. Exchange email
      6. SharePoint Services

    Focus on your Business and not on your IT Infrastructure

    Once our network architecture and management strategies are designed for your Hosted IT Infrastructure, we will be on our way to building long-lasting, trusted partnerships which will enable you to focus your time and resources on your core business.

    No Variable Costs Help in Planning Finances Effectively

    RTCS Cloud Services offer clients with a managed IT setup that provisions protected access in remote environment, streamlined application installation and data storage, seamless backup, physical and virtual constraints on security and 24×7 support services. Self-setup of this crucial infrastructure is a hefty expense and is likely to consume high operational and capital expenses which can otherwise be utilized in various other regions.

    Continuity in Business Graph

    Remote access of data and its protection from any probable attacks and threats can be crucial for an organization. Business organizations generally depend to a great extent on their data and applications and it is these assets that serve as the medium of basic corporate operations. RTCS cloud hosting includes automated processes for regular backup and complete recovery of data in case of any disaster. So, the users can rest assured that their data will be safe with these third party providers as a reciprocation of updated data is available at a number of replicated servers located geographically apart.

    Security Implications

    Professional cyber intruders lurk for susceptible processor networks. Malevolent struggles to negotiate the integrity, confidentiality and availability of resources are continuously rising. RTCS employs strict security constraints to monitor crucial networks and ensures that the system is completely secure from any sort of internet-borne attacks and threats. We completely understand how important security is for a corporate organization and thus, we include intensive approaches for the development of contemporary infrastructure with the implementation of latest mechanisms.

    Superior Round-the-clock Support

    We strive to meet your demands and exceed your expectations in everything that we do. It’s our need to provide superior support every day to you and every customer. We have teams of support executives waiting to help answer your questions at any time, on any day. There are no voicemails, call backs or call centers. You receive complete support when you need it.


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