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Become Completely Carefree with QuickBooks Hosting!

Running financial applications like QuickBooks, by using your own infrastructure and IT-team, can prove hazardous for your firm if in any case your crucial data gets lost or if its security gets compromised. You can become totally carefree, and be fully relaxed if you have an application and cloud hosting services provider that uses the latest hosting technology currently possible, […]

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has proven to be a boon for Medium, Small and Micro level enterprises (MSMEs) as more and more companies are finding it affordable and apt tool to ensure sustainable and profitable business.  However there have been few issues that have been stopping it to gain expected popularity. The first and foremost has been […]

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Countering Security Threats in IT Enabled services

Tackling security threats has become a big challenge for companies dealing into IT enabled services.  Such companies suffer from many traceable and untraceable threats for which it needs to stay alert and watchful. Before we discuss the impact of security concerns and measures to be taken in order to ensure secure IT services, it is […]

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ACD Enhances Call Management Optimization for Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX leading provider My Real Data offer Hosted IP PBX and Virtual PBX services with the name of The Real PBX with a vast array of advanced call management features to highlight your flourishing business image. The company has introduced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) feature to optimize call handling and increase caller retention. […]

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