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Cloud Computing – A Vibrant Technology!!

Conceptually in cloud computing, end users acquire computing platforms or Information Technology infrastructures from computing clouds, and then run their applications inside the cloud. Therefore, computing clouds render users with services to access hardware, software, and data resources, thereafter, an integrated computing platform as a service, in a fully transparent way.

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Application Hosting Has Redefined Computing

Application hosting technology involves, in the simplest of terms, leasing the use of software applications for monthly or usage fees. Application Service Provider hosts many business application programs on its powerful servers, usually at redundant data centers, and access is provided via an Internet browser.

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Cloud Computing – A Logical Evolution in IT!!

Cloud computing technology is incredibly user friendly. The technology behind the cloud remains invisible to the end user. Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together in private or public networks to provide Information Technology (IT) services.

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SourceLink Hosting – A Must Have For QuickBooks Users!!

SourceLink add-on is a robust document management system that gives its user the ability to easily file, retrieve, and organize his or her source documents associated with each QuickBooks accounting software’s record. SourceLink add-on software is the complete integrated document management solution for QuickBooks’ users. SourceLink add-on software is a boon for small and medium […]

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QuickBooks Add-On Hosting Vitalizes QuickBooks!!

Some of the popular QuickBooks add-on software programs available for hosting with hosted QuickBooks accounting software application include SourceLink, Fishbowl Inventory, eBridge, BillQuick, My Business Manager, Acctivate!, Legrand CRM, Giftworks, DepositNow!, Adagio Fx, CNG-Books and CNG-SAFE, AdvancePro, HindSite, BigTime, and AO: Rapid Inventory. These add-ons boost the functioning of hosted QuickBooks accounting software application to a great extent.

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Fishbowl Inventory Hosting

QuickBooks accounting software users searching for a complete inventory management solution, which can be seamlessly hosted along with QuickBooks, should go for Fishbowl Inventory hosting service. Fishbowl Inventory software is fully capable of satisfying all of the inventory management needs of small and medium size businesses. Both the QuickBooks accounting software and Fishbowl Inventory management […]

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