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SourceLink Hosting Provides an Economical Document Management Solution

SourceLink add-on software provides an economical document management solution for the users of QuickBooks. SourceLink hosting provides many economical benefits to its users. SourceLink hosting service provider lets your business to quickly and smoothly move forward at reduced costs yet in a highly efficient manner. By availing hosting service, small and medium size businesses receive […]

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Plentiful Advantages of MS Office Server Hosting

It is very important for MS Office Server users to understand advantages offered by hosted MS Office Server. Here, all the important ones are elucidated. Most proactive IT help desk support is provisioned by a cloud computing and application hosting service provider to its clients. 24/7/365 Tech support is provided to customers through email, live […]

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eBridge Software Hosting Assists QuickBooks

eBridge host ensures business continuity by providing advanced technology to clients. The technology includes provision of advanced load balancing and failover systems. Cloud hosting service provider employs fastest microprocessors, Redundant Array of Independent Disks (or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or RAID), and SCSI or Small Computer System Interface hard disk drives for ultra fast performance.

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Windows Server Hosting On Cloud

With hosted Windows Server software on the cloud servers, your office is where you want to be. You can access your application from your office, your home or while you are on the move. Users only need a simple Internet connection. With software on cloud, you are no longer restrained to the local network.

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Advantages of MS Office Server Hosting

MS Office Server software can be easily hosted with other software for providing end to end small business solutions. With MS Office Server hosting service there is no need to invest in buying server hardware or any other Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Also, there is no need to upgrade system in order to run different editions or versions.

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