Be More Organized and More Efficient with SourceLink Hosting

sourcelink hostingIt is really difficult to manage large number of documents. You never know when you might need which one and in this chaos, at times, you may lose data or have to spend a lot of time looking for important files. In any business, documents keep on multiplying with time and it never stops. All the documents you come across seem to be important. We all understand that it is difficult to manage so many documents manually and therefore business people are trying to utilize technology and tools to deal with such problems. Here in this post we will discuss a QuickBooks add-on tool which is known for managing documents efficiently. I will introduce you to a cost effective way of using this application.

SourceLink document management is a very popular QuickBooks add-on tool. It can be completely integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. This boosts the utility of QuickBooks accounting application as all the required documents can be imported and exported freely between SourceLink and QuickBooks.

You can store all the documents in digital form at a centralized location. SourceLink comes with auto name and other organizing features which further save users’ time. I mentioned a way to make it cost effective, this way is known as cloud hosting. Yes, I used the term cloud. You must have heard about application hosting services, it is a way to use application without handling issues like maintaining local IT network and it also minimizes IT infrastructure requirements.

When application gets hosted via utilizing cloud computing technology then it is known as cloud hosting. This SourceLink hosting comes with multiple economic and convenient benefits. As you don’t have to establish and maintain IT infrastructure it really brings down the expense. When there is no infrastructure you don’t have to have space and IT personnel for its maintenance.

Another feature that improves cost efficiency is rolling data backup. SourceLink hosting service provider usually offers multi-level data backup and security which further reduces work load, tension and expenses.

Now, when we come to convenience offered by Cloud hosting service provider than we cannot skip its most admired feature ‘all-time access’. As the software gets installed on cloud’s server, users can access it from any place at anytime with a web connected device. This device can be anything from a simple laptop to a smartphone. It also supports BYOD (bring your own device) policy. All this makes you and your company more organized and efficient.

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