QuickBooks add-on hosting A Lucrative Service

quickbooks add onsQuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software across the world. You may or may not be aware of the fact that it can do much more than just accounting. The tools that can help you with other department like document management, inventory management etc. are known as QuickBooks add Ons. These add ons can also be hosted on cloud as QuickBooks itself. To name some of the QuickBooks add ons: Fishbowl inventory software, SourceLink document management software, eBridge solutions etc. Fishbowl inventory software as the name implies is used for managing inventory of small medium size business enterprises.

SourceLink document management is used for managing all the business documents involved in different business departments. With SourceLink document solution it becomes really simple to visualize and manage all the documents as they stay at a centralized location.

eBridge software is a tool which helps SMEs to synchronize different departments like sales, customer relationship, inventory, document management etc. Without proper collaboration between these many departments, it becomes really difficult to run a business efficiently.

As mentioned above all these application along with QuickBooks accounting software can be hosted via cloud hosting service provider. With fishbowl inventory hosting, SourceLink hosting and eBridge hosting users gets the facility to access these applications from anyplace at anytime they want to. If you get all the QuickBooks add-on on cloud via same cloud hosting services provider then your hosting vendor can help you to synchronize all these applications effectively. As these applications can be easily integrated with each other, it is easy to import and export data and files amongst them.

With proper inventory management, structured document management, simplified accounting your businesses’ growth can accelerate at great pace. Cloud hosting service provider offers free technical support so that you don’t need in-house IT professional. With Cloud services you will be using multiple applications at low cost without any responsibility for IT infrastructure.

You get the option of selecting between public cloud and private cloud. Cloud computing services comes with the facility of on-demand scalability, which means you can scale up computing services when your business needs it and scale down during off season.

One of the most cost effective features is pay-as-you-go. It means you will be spending only for the resources and services that you utilize. As you can scale up resources whenever you want to thus you don’t have to spend money in anticipation of future business requirements.

Hosted QuickBooks add-ons come with rolling data backup for thirty days. Users don’t have to worry about backup as the data is stored in multiple high-class data centers. The data backup provided by hosting vendor is redundant and reliable. All this makes it a lucrative service.

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