Myths that Surround QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks HostingQuickBooks is only for small organizations

People believe that QuickBooks accounting software is only for very small business enterprises. This isn’t true. Fact is that QuickBooks accounting application can be used for the businesses with as many as 500 employees. QuickBooks Enterprise is the most advance and flexible edition recently launched by Intuit. It can manage complex chores and provides more facilities to the users and is able to support 30 users concurrently.

  • Businesses don’t move to QuickBooks accounting software from other financial programs.

It’s another myth that organizations don’t switch to accounting software. According to facts more than 12,000 organizations have moved to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions from other mid level accounting applications like Sage MAS 90, etc. And majority of these companies say that QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is more user-friendly than the previously used applications.

  • You have to manage and run QuickBooks application on your own.

User receives unlimited technical support for the first year  with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. QuickBooks vendor also help their users to convert data from their pre-existing systems to QuickBooks accounting application. This data conversion is done without any charges. After a year of tech-support users get well-versed with QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit also has a network of local resellers who can provide on-site assistance in case of requirement.

  • Some says QuickBooks isn’t secure and scalable enough for more medium sized enterprises.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has the ability to track more than 100,000 clients, dealers, and inventory products so there’s virtually no restriction to users’ business growth. Users can scale up to 30 concurrent users and achieve a better control over user access. Accessibility to application can be customized according to user’s requirement for over 100 requirements.

  • QuickBooks cannot resolve the exclusive requirements of an enterprise.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions versions provide expert tools and reports intentionally designed to operate according to users’ style without any extra charges. QuickBooks enterprise also works impeccably with other Intuit applications and other business software program developed by third party to solve the exclusive needs of users business.

As QuickBooks accounting software are compatible to be hosted via cloud hosting service provider, users prefer QuickBooks hosting services. QuickBooks hosting services have multiple beneficial features like all time access to data, rolling data backup for thirty days, absolute data security, scalability on demand and pay-as-you-go. Cloud computing services improve the efficiency of QuickBooks accounting software and enhance resource efficiency by making work convenient.

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