Why Do They Prefer SourceLink Hosting?

sourcelink Papers Here Files There! Is this how you will describe your office/ desk/ cupboard? I understand with time every business reaches a stage where they have indefinite number of documents and records which are important and at times confidential too.

So how you manage them? By devoting extra time, applying extra effort and giving extra attention. My friend, so much investment on document management results in resource drain. A simple way to stop this resource wastage is using SourceLink document management software. A better way would be to use this application with cloud computing services.

SourceLink makes document management simple and organized. User gets to keep all the documents and data in a centralized location. Auto naming feature makes it a quicker process. With all the documents managed and organized via SourceLink, user appears to be more presentable and professional. The chances of loosing data get minimized.

With Cloud computing services user gets the facility to access their files and data from any place at anytime. They can be in the train; in other city or any place within the globe they can access their documents via internet connected device. User of hosted Sourcelink software finds this facility really convenient and time saving.

SourceLink hosting service provider also provides multi-user access to data. Multiple authenticated users can access data simultaneously and collaborate efficiently even when they are at different locations. With SourceLink hosting user gets the impression of data portability. As they can access data and documents from any system with internet connection, it makes them feel as if they are carrying their data with themselves and can work whenever they want to, wherever they need to.

Sourcelink is a QuickBooks add-on thus it can be completely integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. Importing and exporting documents and files become really simple. It boosts productivity of QuickBooks accounting software.

Sourcelink hosting service provider also offers thirty days of rolling data backup. With this facility user don’t have to worry about backup. The backup offered by cloud hosting service provider is reliable as they store your data in more than one data centre. In case one of the data centre gets damaged due to some uncontrollable accident then other data center are ready with backup to ensure your business continuity.

These are the features and facilities that come with Sourcelink hosting and this is the reason why people prefer Sourcelink with Cloud Computing services.

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