Why You Should Try Lacerte Tax Software Hosting?

lacerte tax softwareYou must have heard about number of tax applications one of them is Lacerte Tax Software. Did you know that Lacerte is an Intuit product? Yes it is developed and marketed by Intuit and therefore it can be completely integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. This allows user to link accounting and taxation very easily and swiftly.  Users can easily import and export data from lacerte to QuickBooks and vice-versa.

Lacerte can be hosted via cloud hosting service provider just like QuickBooks. Lacerte tax software hosting service removes the requirement of establishing local IT network thus removing the requirement of maintaining it, taking care of infrastructure, hardware, networking, etc. Cloud hosting vendor takes care of all these things including occasional software upgrades. Thus it reduces your resource expense to a considerable amount. It helps you save time, money and effort and takes away your worries.

Lacerte tax software hosting allows you to work beyond geographical barrier. User can access their application from anyplace and at anytime they want to. It saves your travelling time and money. Multiple users can access data concurrently. This feature improves the collaboration between users and their clients. To ensure the security of data the accessibility to data is restricted via login ID and password. The accessibility can also be customized on the designation basis. This feature makes it really convenient for the user to work and collaborate.

To make sure that user data stay secure Lacerte tax software hosting service provider stores data in multiple secure data centers. The location of data centers is decided on the basis of security, power backup and internet backbone. Usually areas free from the risk of natural calamity are selected for data center construction. Data centers are well equipped with latest tools and technologies like chillers, air conditioners, biometric scanners, highly sensitive smoke detectors, uninterruptable power backup, 24/7 surveillance camera, bullet proof walls, etc.

They utilize latest techniques like 256 bits data encryption, intrusion detection system, etc in order to keep the data secure. The level of security offered by a hosting vendor is equivalent to the level of security employed by any important monetary organization. To get such level of security isn’t feasible via conventional method.

Lacerte Tax Software hosting service provider also offer 24/7 technical support via certified experts. In case of any problem one can simply dial a toll free number or send an email to tech-support department and get instant solution. Options to live chat or remote desktop support are also available.

You may start with free trial and then proceed to paid services to be on the safer side.

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