Drake Software Beyond Simplifying Taxation

drake tax softwareDrake Software is something company has been working on since it started out and it has kept the commitment to it ever since. Drake has not only build a reputation but also earned people’s faith with the features and quality of the application. It is a complete solution for tax and related cores.  For related tasks like document management users can use Drake add-ons like Document manager, Drake tax planner, and Client write up. These add-ons can be completely integrated with tax software.

It will be even more useful if you get it hosted on a terminal server via cloud computing service provider. Along with tax software add-ons can also be hosted on terminal servers. Cloud computing is a way of maintaining centralized server by a third party or an application hosting service provider. Users will get to access it from their systems via internet.

The benefits that come with hosted Drake software include the convenience of data portability. Users get to access their data from anyplace at anytime via internet connected device. All they need to do is log on to the cloud’s server and all the data is there for them. It gives the impression of carrying their data anywhere they go without any delay.

Drake tax software hosting also helps users to collaborate among themselves and with their clients even from distances with the feature known as multi-user data accessibility.  This feature enables authenticated users to access data simultaneously from any place they are. Thus it allows them to share and exchange data/ information even when they are physically not together. This can further be enhanced by getting access modified by hosting vendor. Users get the option of limiting access by getting access customized by their hosting vendor on the basis of designation, etc.

Cloud hosting service provider takes care of data security and deploys advance tools and technology to keep your critical data safe. They store client’s business critical data in more than one data centers to ensure business continuity even in case of natural or any uncontrollable disaster. In case anything happens to one of the data center other is there to provide you backup.

Many of them also offer free and fast tech-support. This facility is available via toll free phone, email, live chat and remote desktop support. The support can be contacted even beyond standard working hours. It eliminates the need of in-house IT expert.

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