What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has proven to be a boon for Medium, Small and Micro level enterprises (MSMEs) as more and more companies are finding it affordable and apt tool to ensure sustainable and profitable business.  However there have been few issues that have been stopping it to gain expected popularity.

The first and foremost has been the lack of awareness amongst the target users.  If we look at the usage of cloud computing by the MSMEs, it is clearly gaining considerable share in the market. However this gain would still fail to be substantial if we compare the Cloud Computing users with the conventional users.  Most of prospective users are unaware of the advantages of this new concept.  They are not aware of the list of exciting ‘ities’ such as portability, affordability, flexibility, feasibility, service quality or security features that Cloud offers.

We see that the outlook of business has changed; it has become different & diversified in recent times.  We may see a group of 5-10 people from different locations working on a project in flexi hour environment for a small enterprise. This firm will yield well from its team if it focuses more on its core competence and its project rather than arranging for the hardware and software resources. Such firms can not get any better alternative than Cloud Computing. Their functioning will be more efficient, easy and economical if they choose cloud along with a set of application software programs.

However to avail the benefits of cloud computing & applications, the firms need to be aware of such resources.  The companies or entrepreneurs seeking Cloud Computing solutions should also know what to ask from the service provider.  One can get required software at a lower cost if it has lesser number of users.  Similarly the overall costing of the services will be lower in case of lesser applications. It is always a good idea for them to do the credibility and price check of the companies providing such services.  A company having knowledge about its expected requirements from Cloud Computing & application softwares will be able to optimally utilize its resources and that too at a better deal.  It will ultimately lead the company or the entrepreneur to better cost saving and efficient functioning thereby ensuring profits in a shorter time span.

Besides the lack of awareness on Cloud Computing, security is the other concern of prospective users which is affecting the pace of growth in Cloud Computing solution and application software demands. The security & privacy concerns of the prospective users’ need to be addressed.  To tackle this challenge, the service providers offering cloud computing solutions should come forward. They should take the responsibility to offer appropriate tools and adequate support system to address the genuine concerns of their existing and prospective users.

The way forward for companies, offering Cloud computing solutions

Merely matching up the criterion of owning requisite hardware and having technical knowledge of the Software as a Service (SAAS) is not enough. It is vital for the companies offering such services, to develop a system to constantly upgrade their offering after receiving feedback from the users.  Objective feedback by the user should be noted and implemented properly.  It will help the service provider to update the customers about positive changes in the product.  The companies should also intimate on the bug or complexities within the system if any.  A keen developer and service provider constantly analyzes its application for better functioning. Such companies keep their users updated and it also yields good response from its users.

The service provides also need to scrutinize the security policies earmarked and practiced by the service providers. Normally service providers offer IAAS, SAAS or PAAS, to more clients than they are actually capable of catering to and they are always on the look out for more and more clients.  While doing so, many providers tend to compromise with their own security & privacy settings.  They often ignore and overlook basic security steps. They also tend to exceed resource allocation limitations set up by them.

Such companies should rather focus on addressing such security lapses.  They should always remember that satisfied customers offer sustainable growth.  Service providers offering hosting services need to provide their clients with basic training, on the proper utilization of offered resources.  Many times unchecked or non-monitored usage by the clients leads to misuse of the offered resources.

It is also an ethical responsibility of the companies offering Cloud hosting services to make the SMEs or clients aware of right tools for their requirements.  The companies should also explain and reason out the pricing before the customers. Exercising such practices will immensely benefit the users & service providers with cloud computing opportunities.

Companies providing such services will be able to ensure increased clientele if they appropriately and legitimately address the issues of unawareness and security concerns.  It will eventually lead to huge demand of Cloud Computing.

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