Countering Security Threats in IT Enabled services

Tackling security threats has become a big challenge for companies dealing into IT enabled services.  Such companies suffer from many traceable and untraceable threats for which it needs to stay alert and watchful.

Before we discuss the impact of security concerns and measures to be taken in order to ensure secure IT services, it is necessary to enquire what are the security threats indeed. Identity theft, accounts hacking, disclosure of confidential info, electronic pilferage, blocking of applications to cause loss and routing of certain malware programs to cause repetitive postings over website in an attempt to haul the services, are some of well known security threats.  Besides these lesser known threats, there are some major security threats that may involve theft & misuse of electronic files, alteration in programs causing malfunctioning of applications resulting in complete crash of systems ultimately.

After mentioning these threats, it will be appropriate to discuss its impact on system and users.   Every year billions of dollars are lost to such threats on account of data loss, restoration of data and resources.  Such security threats can be tackled in two ways.  The first way which is very common and easy is to exercise caution while using IT resources.

Not sharing user accounts on public or social networking sites, using alpha-numeric (a combination of alphabets & numeric digits) keys for passwords, not using easily traceable passwords and changing passwords from time to time are part of this first type of security drill.  The second part of security measure is little complicated and is generally taken care of by companies offering application & hosting services to their clients.

Under the second part of security measures, companies install robust firewalls around their servers. These companies take utmost care in providing the secure resources to the users so that the users can user their services conveniently and peacefully.  They monitor the usage, login times and habits of the users and inform the authorized personnel of the user firms for any infrequent, irregular, reattempts to login from inner circles or outer circles.

These companies offer cloud computing benefits and hosting services with two levels of account access to its users. The higher level of access is restricted to network administrator or authorized senior professionals of the firms.  This type of account access is provided increased feature of monitoring, permitting & preventing access of its users if required.  The firms availing hosting & application services should take separate accounts for common users and network administrators. Opting for lesser number of users than the actual requirement, can be tempting on account of perceived cost saving. Still firms should purchase as per the actual requirement and resist from such short-term cost saving as it may prove dangerous to the overall security concerns of the firms.

However, increasing security concerns has resulted in greater attention to the prevention and defence from such threats.  Now companies offering IT & enabled services, are using sophisticated programs that are very well coded and highly structured besides using firewalls and advanced hardware. Breaking the encryption methods used by such companies is next to impossible.  These companies update their clients about security measures to be taken and also use the services of ethical hackers to gauge the move of hackers and to counter-prepare themselves accordingly.

It is important to note that an alert and well informed user can always avert major threats.  With such security measures in place, any firm can peacefully focus on its business and it will surely lead to great demands in IT & enabled services in coming times.

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