How I Switched to Sourcelink Hosting?

It happened a month ago. I was talking to my quality manager about regular work and asked him if he has any suggestions to improve working environment in our organization. He belongs to IT background and stay updated about all the latest gadgets and technology.

He introduced me to an upcoming IT service Sourcelink hosting. I heard that Sourcelink is a software but didn’t know anything else about it. He told me that it is a document management software and helps organizations to stay organized.

I asked him do we really need it as I was expecting a huge expense coming up and then he pointed towards the files lying on my desks and everywhere in the cabin. So I asked him to continue talking…..

He told me that it is not as expensive as it sounds. To quote him “This term ‘Sourcelink hosting’ is a combination of two terms. ‘Sourcelink’ which is a document management software and other is ‘Cloud Hosting’ which is an upcoming IT technology used by organizations to make work easier in a cost-effective way.”

Term “Cost-effective” made me willing to know more about it.

Hosted Sourcelink allows you to manage all the documents at a centralized location and maintain paperless and well organized office. Application hosting service provider allows you to access your data from any location at any time. It keeps the data secure which provides peace of mind. Many Sourcelink hosting service provider offers 24/7 technical support and it’s easy to find one.

It sounded good but again as I wanted to try it first so an application hosting vendor offered me free trial opportunity and today it got over and I switched to paid Sourcelink Hosting.

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