Hosted Workgroup Server Boosts Business Efficiency

Workgroup server hosting empowers its user with flexibility as complete server is dedicated to the user. Hosted workgroup server is easy to use and manage as hosting service provider takes care of its maintenance and keep it up to date. The capability of the server can be extended with rising business requirements which increases the functionality. Many applications like Drake Tax Software, QuickBooks enterprise solutions, MS office, ACT customer relationship management, etc can be installed on workgroup server.

Application hosting service provider offers anytime anywhere access to data which facilitate user to work without any location barrier or time limitation. Clients also get multiple user access to the data which allow multiple authenticated users to access the data concurrently from different locations.

Work group server host guarantees supreme data security and data backup. Application host also offer free and unrestricted tech-support service. All these features improve efficiency, productivity and increases ROI.

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