Services like Cloud hosting provides me economical solutions

Services like Cloud hosting provides me economical solutions

My business requires me to travel a lot, so I stay away from my office most of the time. Being a small business owner, I always look for something which comes with a price which suits my budget. Not only it should be economical but should also be advanced enough to keep my life convenient. There are few services and devices, I use to stay connected with my business and data, which are as follows:-

1)      Smartphone:- I use Samsung Galaxy S2 to manage my business communication while travelling. This android based Smartphone works great with Wi-Fi and 3G services. I use it as unified communication device where I can receive my calls, chats and mails. I stay updated with my colleagues and clients and revert to them instantly. This is one of the reason I always get complements from my clients that I am available 24*7 to them. Not only this, but it is really convenient to carry your business on a phone.

2)      Hosted PBX:- I have availed hosted PBX services from The Real PBX, through which all the calls which lands up on my office number, lands simultaneously on my cell phone as well. When I make a call to a client from my cell phone through hosted PBX, they easily recognise me as hosted PBX shows my office number to them. So, doesn’t matter, where I am. I can make and receive my office calls. Apart from that, call rates are quite economical, which has reduced my calling expenses to 40%. What else I need to be happy as a Small business owner.

3)      Cloud Hosting Services:- I am also subscribing Cloud Computing services from Real Time Data Services, which means I can access my data from anywhere. I stay updated with my current business situation as well as work concurrently with my colleagues. I have integrated my hosted PBX system with the CRM which I get it hosted on a cloud server. So, whenever my client calls me, I get all updates about him like last few transactions or dealing with my company.

4)      Any-do-List:- It is a smart To-do list application. I got it installed on my Smartphone. I get reminder of any important work which gets due. So I never miss any important task.

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