ACD Enhances Call Management Optimization for Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX leading provider My Real Data offer Hosted IP PBX and Virtual PBX services with the name of The Real PBX with a vast array of advanced call management features to highlight your flourishing business image. The company has introduced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) feature to optimize call handling and increase caller retention.

The Real PBX uses real time data collaboration techniques to offer a unified scalable platform to its users across the globe. It has introduced the ACD feature at no added cost.

How it works


ACD is an advanced calling feature that enables the PBX system to intelligently route the incoming calls to their right destination. The Real PBX ACD feature is highly user oriented with an ease of customization as per the user’s requirement.

The ACD feature directs the incoming calls to a particular group of numbers/extensions that have been specified by the user. The ACD feature requires no additional hardware.

ACD basically works on an algorithm that is designed keeping in mind a set of rules to decide how the incoming calls are to be handled by the system. Some additional information is required to find the best possible destination for an incoming call. This additional information contains a caller’s relevant information like his phone number, his name, earlier call records (if any), current reason for calling and more to route his call to an employee who can handle it best.

In Hosted PBX systems, the ACD is designed to enable PCs to make call directing decisions with some relevant additional information. This gives seamless connectivity to the system by integrating any number of office units and multiple extensions in different locations.

ACD is an advanced call management feature that is cost effective, easy to use, gives anytime, anywhere connectivity and is easy to customize as per an individual needs.

The ACD is an excellent way to impress your callers and project a Fortune 5000 company image by eliminating every odd of a missed call. The intelligent call routing, standard calling features, advanced call management features, voicemail to fax mail, virtual office and many more features are available to customers at lowest industry prices. The ACD feature is truly a feather in My Real Data’s cap.

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