Enjoy Secure Working On Your Paperless Office Through SourceLink Hosting

No matter how cautious you are while settings up your business, natural calamities or accidents are inevitable. These might come in different forms and can damage life and property. While dealing with business every document is important, you need to save these documents at proper location so that retrieving information remains easy while the data remains safe and secured. But you do not have the control over natural calamities or accident, you might miss your documents and then your business might be at risk. For this reason you tend to generate different copies of your documents and save them at different locations. But then it would require a lot of space, maintenance and ultimately higher cost. One such solution for this problem is SourceLink hosting. SourceLink is a document management software which provides a paperless office as it does all the tasks electronically. Filing, sending and retrieving files are the key features of this software. SourceLink hosting is actually a QuickBooks add-on which integrates with your QuickBooks accounting software.

Though there are many QuickBooks add-ons like Fishbowl inventory, eBridge Solutions etc. But those who are very particular about document management may opt for SourceLink hosting. Hosted SourceLink service allows you to transfer your files, data and application software on cloud. The data backup thus remains on the cloud computing or application hosting service provider’s servers and you can access your application or data from their servers through internet. Your data remain safe and secured SourceLink hosting service providers save data at multiple locations which provides robust data backup, that too under high security with restricted entries and CCTV surveillance. If one server gets down then one can have access from another. The data centers are located at cool and remote locations which are generally Earth Quake protected areas. The maintenance, hardware or software requirements are fulfilled by these vendors. Thus SourceLink hosting only requires you to have internet connection and you can start working so easily, as you will be provided with user friendly interface.

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