Windows Server Hosting On Cloud

Windows Server Hosting

Windows Server Hosting

Outsourcing Windows Server to a cloud computing service provider helps businesses by saving their money, time, and energy; and ultimately results in business prolificacy. Hosting Windows Server via a cloud hosting service provider entails many significant benefits to small and medium size enterprises. The state of the art data center facilities provided by Windows Server hosting service provider include security, redundancy in all critical systems, biometric and card access entry systems, on site armed security personnel, on site Network Operations Centers and qualified engineers 24 hours a day 7, days a week and 365 days a year. The data center buildings are in the area situated on a dual utility power grid. The enterprise grade data center system provisioned by cloud computing and application hosting provider ensures a secure, redundant network to customers all over the World.

Data Center Security comprises of features, such as, early warning intrusion detection system; onsite security personnel; closed circuit digital camera system; biometric and card access entry system; on and off site security system monitoring; multiple checkpoints to controlled areas; all equipments housed in locking cabinets, cages or suites; restricted access to building beyond lobby; etc. Data centers are SAS 70 Type II compliant. Anyone who is concerned about data security should trust only SAS 70 Type II Certified Hosting Providers. SAS 70 compliance ensures that your tapes, and the data on them, are being handled by service professionals that have a clearly defined and secure process for data eradication.

Windows Server hosting service vendor provides 24/7 totally free support service. Hosting with a cloud hosting service provider that has world class network means speed, power, reliability, and almost one hundred percent uptime guarantee. Windows Server host’s servers are fully redundant and backed up by multiple diesel generators. Disaster recovery is built in to everything that is hosted and item level or daily backup solutions are provided. Your hosted Windows dedicated Server gets full backup. Cloud computing and application hosting service vendor provides robust and rolling data backup.

Application hosting service provider that hosts software on cloud uses fiber optic network; high quality routers, switches and firewalls; intelligent Border Gateway Protocol or BGP routing; robust IP backbone; etc. Certified engineers proactively monitor network 24/7. Application hosting service provider also uses another method to monitor from an offsite location 24/7. This dual monitor approach ensures that network performs to the top of its ability while minimizing network problems.

With hosted Windows Server software on the cloud servers, your office is where you want to be. You can access your application from your office, your home or while you are on the move. Users only need a simple Internet connection. With software on cloud, you are no longer restrained to the local network. Your hosted Windows Server can be accessed from any place on this planet and at any time. For access, an Internet connected device, such as iPhone, is the only requirement. With Windows Server hosting service, multiple users get concurrent accessibility to the same data file at the same time.

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