The Plentiful Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks accounting software hosting through a cloud computing and application hosting solution provider leads to substantial benefits to the users. Cloud computing and application hosting solution vendor provides strict server security in order to ensure your critical data’s integrity. Host’s data center utilizes advanced technology and non-typical external ports to provide extremely secure hosting for your financial data. Utilizing scalable and adaptive security appliances with built-in world class firewall, unified communication security, intrusion prevention system, and data security services, cloud hosting service vendor provides an ironclad defense system against unauthorized access.

QuickBooks hosting heavily cuts down the costs incurred in running and maintaining QuickBooks accounting software. Cloud hosting solution provider provisions software updates and technical staff to keep your business running. QuickBooks hosting solution provider’s state of the art data center grants unsurpassed reliability with assured very high QuickBooks hosting uptime almost touching one hundred percent. Redundant backup system, which includes daily rolling data backups ensure your business critical data’s integrity.

QuickBooks hosting solution provider provisions fast and easy access to hosted QuickBooks at any time and from any place with an Internet connection. Users experience more efficient and effective collaboration with simultaneous accessibility available to multiple users. QuickBooks host increases client’s satisfaction with features such as remote support and live access to company files. These features increase client’s efficiency and at the same time reduce travel time and related expenses. Full featured hosted QuickBooks allows superior productivity in comparison to QuickBooks Online Edition. Online Edition is the limited version of QuickBooks desktop software. QuickBooks in cloud provides full featured desktop version without any limitation or compromise.

Cloud computing and application hosting solution vendor’s next generation data center building follows best in class design and stringent security measures to ensure full safety for your critical data. Data center is provided 24/7 security with high quality surveillance cameras. Extreme care in disaster planning results in recovery solutions throughout hosting solution vendor’s data centers. Fire and life safety systems, backup power diesel generators, digital video recorders, electronic access control mechanisms, biometric security, very early warning aspirating smoke detection, and pre-action fire suppression systems are examples of the technologies employed in data centers owned by cloud hosting solution provider. Host’s advanced and green design includes sealed cabinets and ultrasonic humidification. The use of ultrasonic humidification yields very high reduction in energy consumption.

Cloud computing and application hosting solution vendor provides round the clock, unlimited, full and free support service along with full troubleshooting of problems. Small and medium size companies are able to save considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent in troubleshooting of problems, and they do not even require maintaining an in house Information Technology staff.

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