Windows Server Hosting in the Cloud Provides Many Benefits!

Application hosting service provider using Cloud computing technology simplifies the cumbersome process of running even the most demanding applications. Cloud computing is currently the most advanced form of outsourcing technology. It provides maximum performance, reliability, and security for your business critical data.

Windows Server is one of the essential Server operating systems necessary to run other applications. Windows Server’s powerful architecture drives many advanced Web Applications and services. Many features afforded by Windows Server software allow users to develop and deliver rich applications.

Hosted Windows Server software solution provides various kinds of advantages to small and medium size businesses. End user organizations get extreme reliability, full flexibility, and enhanced security when they avail cloud computing technology.
With Windows Server hosting service, you can realize the scalability you have always desired. By availing hosting in the cloud, you get full scalability. You are always ready to meet peaks in business demands. Configured for rock solid performance and reliability, your hosted Windows server can deliver any of your hosting needs, including web and application hosting. With cloud hosting, you get very high uptime and complete satisfaction. Windows Server hosting service vendor uses rolling backup technology and provides free and unlimited twenty four by seven tech support service.

Cloud computing service provider owns data centers having huge internet bandwidth, dual active power sources, redundant and uninterruptible power supply, and redundant diesel generator sets. Cloud computing and application hosting service provider protects data center with fire rated doors and walls. Data centers use highly sensitive smoke detection technology, and very much advanced fire suppression and extinguishing equipments. Heavy gauge wire fencing, Biometric scanning, twenty four by seven manned guarding, and intruder detection alarm are just some of the security measures deployed by the cloud computing and application hosting service provider. Unauthorized access to the data center cannot take place. Redundant Firewall protection is included for all customers. A single, simple firewall is not enough. Redundancy helps ensure protection at all times. Locking down all ports that are not absolutely essential improves port-based security. Firewalls are role-based, and each cloud server has only 2 ports open.

Windows Server software is a trusted and robust software, having some unique features and capabilities. Hosting Windows Server in the Cloud makes this unique and robust software even much more powerful!

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