6 Benefits Of ProSeries Tax Software Hosting You Aren’t Likely To See Desktop Version

ProSeries is a popular tax management software used by professional accountants and CPAs to ease the tax related tasks and achieve better efficiency. It comes with many productive tools and features which enable even non-accounting professionals to easily handle their taxes without hassle. It is widely popular for being a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sorts and sizes.


ProSeries Tax software comes with a wide range of productive features, like – Collaborated federal and state forms and policies, free tax e-filing, tax diagnostic tools, and many others, which make most of the tax related tasks as easy as pie. It also comes in different editions, all suited for different types of business models and types. The software is also updated regularly to stay up to date with all IRS and federal tax policies.

Although the software is designed to be used on desktops, cloud hosted ProSeries Tax software has great many added advantages that cannot be availed with the simple desktop version. Here are a few of those business benefits explained briefly.

1. Quick & Efficient Tax Returns

ProSeries is known for its accuracy when it comes to tax return database. It is all due to the powerful diagnostic tools that come bundled with the software. It ensures error free data entry which further helps to avoid IRS rejections and the accompanying fines and penalties. Coupled with cloud hosted benefit of anywhere and anytime access, through any device with internet connectivity, Hosted ProSeries offers quick and efficient tax returns always.

2. Add-ons Integration

The ability of ProSeries to integrate add-ons for added productivity plays a huge part in its popularity and efficiency. There is a plethora of add-ons for ProSeries, which introduces several new benefits that are not present in the default version of the software. ProSeries Network Solutions, ProSeries Document management systems, ProSeries Clients manager, and ProSeries forms library are some of the most popular ProSeries add-ons that can also be hosted on the Cloud. The best part is that these add-ons can also be hosted to provide greater accessibility and stability to the core software. Since there is no limit with the resources of the hosting servers, integration of add-ons does not hamper the performance.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Cost effective solutions are necessities which need to be addressed and explored always. With ProSeries Tax software hosting, businesses get immense scalability options that help them save a considerable sum of money. Cloud hosting ProSeries also eliminates the need to have an in-house IT infrastructure to support further on the mission of a great cost saving.

4. Accurate & Collaborative Tax Filing

We have already established that the use of ProSeries Tax software makes the tax return tasks and processes easier and faster. But with a hosted ProSeries setup, businesses can enjoy anytime and anywhere access to the software and its associated data files. This enables them to collaborate with other stakeholders (clients, customers, employees, etc.) in real-time and work as a more productive and collaborative workforce. Doing taxes is a lot better as more than one individual can work simultaneously on a hosted ProSeries setup.

5. Multi-user Access

Another great benefit of cloud hosted ProSeries Tax software is that it allows multiple users simultaneous access to the software and all of its associated data files as well as add-ons. This ensures better client database management along with importing and updating files as well as a number of state income tax forms and schedules. Businesses can also add or omit users as per their prejudice, which makes the entire system more secure and transparent.

6. Improved Data Security

Cloud hosted setups are known to offer top of the line data security features. Automatic remote backups, redundant firewalls, and other such data security features are a staple among cloud hosting service providers. They also offer real time data monitoring and many other such data security measures to ensure that the hosted ProSeries Tax software and all of its associated data are safe and secure.

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