Fishbowl Inventory Hosting is the Full-Fledge Inventory Management Solution!!!

Fishbowl Inventory add-on program is a software which completely satisfies the inventory management requirements of QuickBooks accounting software users. Fishbowl Inventory add-on program can be aptly regarded as the full-fledge inventory management solution, which can be seamlessly hosted along with QuickBooks accounting software. Fishbowl Inventory hosting service is a boon for small and medium size businesses.

Fishbowl Inventory hosting offers multitude of benefits especially to small and medium size businesses. Application hosting using cloud technology leads to expansion of businesses from lower level to enterprise level. Fishbowl Inventory hosting service provides new features and enormous flexibility. Through Fishbowl Inventory hosting service, QuickBooks accounting software users enjoy full mobile inventory management control. Inventory management add-on hosting is of major benefit to those persons who are already using QuickBooks accounting software or are planning to use QuickBooks.

Cloud hosting technology allows users to access hosted application software at any time and from any place round the world. Multiple users can access the same Fishbowl Inventory file concurrently via the help of the Internet. This saves a lot of time and traveling expenses. All the users can remain fully updated, and are able to collaborate with each other very easily and quickly.

Fishbowl Inventory hosting along with QuickBooks hosting allows small and medium size businesses to eliminate the need for making double data entries.

Cloud computing and hosting service vendors offers 24/7 support service totally free of cost. Fishbowl Inventory hosting vendor provides twenty four by seven enhanced security to your business critical data through security experts. It offers robust rolling backup facility. Host uses SAS 70 Type II data center facilities. Hosting vendor’s data centers are heavily guarded by fencing and security staff. Any unauthorized access to these data centers carrying your business critical data is completely prohibited.

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