QuickBooks 2017: Top 6 New Features

The 2017 edition of QuickBooks is finally here and all versions  (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise) are now available for purchase. This year’s edition of QuickBooks brings along with it many new and numerous improvements on previous features. Once again Intuit strives to make accounting a whole lot easier for accountants and non-accountants with this year’s QuickBooks edition. Including the first DOS version of QuickBooks, this is the 25th iteration of the popular accounting software and here are the top 6 new features of QuickBooks 2017.


1. Scheduled Reports

This new feature in QB 2017 lets users create and manage schedules for reports and also automates the sending of the password protected PDF file attachments, according to the schedule. This feature also lets users schedule e-mail delivery time, and the scheduled e-mail reports with password secured PDF files will be sent at that time, automatically without any human intervention.

2. Smart Search

Smart search improvements are more dynamic and versatile in QB 2017. Apart from speed and accuracy, QB 2017 now also displays search suggestions based on the typed words with a drop down menu. It also displays better search results by targeting complete file names, compared to the previous versions, where search results were targeted on the first word of the file name only.

3. Amount Filtering

With QB 2017, users can now search with range based amounts, which lets users set a minimum and maximum range and get search results based on the amount range. This highly useful feature is available on all versions of QB 2017 and is especially useful if you forgot to properly document transactions. Compared to the previous versions where users had to rely on “less than or equal to” amount filter, the range based amount filter in QB 2017 offers better accuracy and quicker search results.

4. Vendor and Customer Type Filtering

The new and improved QB 2017 versions now feature an improved and wide range of filters for the Customer and Vendor list display. This enables users to implement complex filtering protocols to sort large amounts of data with better accuracy and ease. It also enables users to set filters which only displays the relevant information to the stakeholders or customers, which again brings greater accuracy and efficiency to both the software and the services rendered with its aid.

5. Customizable Filtering Techniques

With QuickBooks 2017, users now have the ability to display all of the applied filters through the “Show” filters button, placed on the top-left corner of the ‘Transaction List by Customer” page. Users can also remove and add filters and printed reports will also have all applied filters mentioned at the bottom of the page. The new filtering technique also enables the Search feature in QB 2017 to display results void of filter restriction, which is a nifty little feature to quickly get the required information.

6. Visual Reminders to Record ‘Make Deposits’

To make this year’s QuickBooks editions more intuitive and proactive, QB 2017 now displays notification alert type visual reminders for funds that have been received from the clients but not deposited to the bank account, e.t.c. The reminders are all displayed in the ‘Record Deposits’ icon as a batch alert. It also comes with the feature to quick “Select and De-select” multiple accounts, which helps save time otherwise wasted on tediously selecting accounts individually.

These are only but a few of the numerous upgrades and improvements that Intuit has introduced in QuickBooks 2017. It is easy to see that the popular accounting software creator is giving its best, to make the QuickBooks as intuitive and smart as possible, with so many useful features, which in turn helps with their philosophy to make accounting easier for everyone.

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