Application Hosting Has Redefined Computing

Evolution of application hosting technology has proved highly advantageous particularly for small and medium size companies. These companies are financially much weaker than their bigger counterparts in running demanding application programs. So, for small and medium size companies, the advent of application hosting is indispensable as it allows them to run most demanding applications without getting themselves involved in the cumbersome and highly expensive information technology based tasks. Application hosting technology has provisioned those application programs to small and medium size companies which were previously out of reach for them.

Application hosting technology has earned a great impetus throughout the world. When it emerged as a new model for providing hosting services, it instantaneously attracted the attention of almost every major hardware maker, software supplier, and integrator serving the mobile workforce marketplace. This relatively simple evolution of computing technology has been benefiting small to mid size companies in many ways since its inception. Application hosting model is also being adopted by large companies as well.

Application hosting technology involves, in the simplest of terms, leasing the use of software applications for monthly or usage fees. Application Service Provider hosts many business application programs on its powerful servers, usually at redundant data centers, and access is provided via an Internet browser. As application hosting service vendors focus on their specific area of expertise, they can stay on top of the latest advances in their industry. They also have the all the required resources to implement and maintain a variety of robust technologies to deliver the best in hosted applications. Hosts partner with the world’s leading developers to ensure that they always use and provide the cutting edge technologies for all of their hosted applications.

With hosted applications, you get a multitude of data access options. Your company’s employees become more flexible, productive, and collaborative compared to employees who are limited to use only few locally installed specific desktop computers on the premises of your office. With hosting solutions, location of your employees no longer remains an issue of concern. You can access your business critical data and software from any personal computer or laptop or mobile device connected to the Internet. Data transmissions are fully secured and there is not even a single possibility of data leakage. You can get various applications hosted on the host’s powerful servers. You can get hosted Peachtree accounting software, Windows Server, ACT! CRM, etc.

Application hosting service vendors have the complete set of resources to implement fully exhaustive and robust backup and data recovery procedures. Hosting service vendors back up your data every night, in multiple geographic locations, in their top-tier data centers. You use host’s fully equipped and highly secure data centers and resources to run your applications. This saves you thousands of dollars as you do not have to setup or maintain anything. Application hosting service vendors provide free 24x7x365 help desk support. This support is provided free of cost to you.

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