What Makes QuickBooks Hosting Better Than QuickBooks Online?

Its been a long time since QuickBooks came into existence and revolutionized the accounting industry. It is now one of the most popular and most used bookkeeping and accounting software out there. But due to the exponential and never ending technological advancements internet based access to applications are gradually becoming the norm within the industry.


As small and medium businesses transcended the constraints of desktop computers and shifted towards mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets for their mobile nature and versatile utility. Along with the high and the immense popularity of the Cloud, Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks accounting software launched an online version of the software, called QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) which technologically is the next step forward. It offers accountants anytime and anywhere access to QuickBooks and QuickBooks data for greater portability of bookkeeping services and overall better service quality.

QBOE offers many great features like constant access from any web-enabled device. It also supports 25 simultaneous users while the desktop version only supports single user access. The upgrades for QBOE are also free of cost and usually bring certain desktop version features to the online version. It can also track inventory and comes with unlimited expert support, that too free of cost. Despite its greater accessibility features and value for money aspects, which makes it an excellent choice for small and medium businesses, QuickBooks Online Edition is not without its fair share of limitations.

QuickBooks Online Edition, unlike its desktop counterpart, doesn’t assimilate its functions with QuickBooks Point of Sale and also doesn’t support QuickBooks Bill Pay features. QuickBooks online does however provide accountants with the capability to track expenses differentiated according to different projects but on the other hand doesn’t allow global job pricing feature found in the desktop version. It also doesn’t offer many of the customization features of QuickBooks desktop as it is a scaled down version for online use only.

Fundamentally, QuickBooks Online Edition is an exceptional addition to an in-house accounting workforce for business of all kinds and size. It can also be considered to be perfect for businesses which have to collaborate with very few clients. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online Edition looses to much in terms of functionality and is thus somewhat an inferior version of QuickBooks desktop and leads to accountants who made the shit to QBOE to shift back again to the desktop version. The advanced and more customizable features of QuickBooks desktop undoubtedly makes it a far more superior application when compared to QuickBooks Online Edition.

But what if you want the benefits of QuickBooks Online edition and the desktop version together. Well, this is where Hosted QuickBooks comes in! It is a simple technological advancement, where a Cloud hosting service provider installs the regular QuickBooks desktop version on their server and then lets you access the desktop version of QuickBooks and also enjoy the accessibility and collaborative benefits QuickBooks Online Edition. This enables accountants to have access to all the features of the QuickBooks desktop version along with having anytime and anywhere access to QuickBooks and its data. It like combining the best of both worlds!

Here are a few other benefits of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks over the QuickBooks Online Edition:

1. Access to all QuickBooks desktop version features.

2. Anytime and anywhere access to QuickBooks desktop version.

3. Multiple users can simultaneously access and edit QuickBooks files.

4. Regular scheduled data backups from the service providers end.

5. Greater flexibility and scalability in terms of operations.

With Cloud hosted QuickBooks, accountants get the processing power of the desktop version along with the the accessibility features of the QuickBooks Online Edition. All client information is intensely secured and put though numerous redundant security measures ti guarantee total data security. Files are also regularly backed-up to ensure continuous data flow in the case if data corruption, software errors, or any other such issues. Cloud hosted QuickBooks also offer immense flexibility and scalability options where the client can at any time opt to switch back to the local desktop version or switch service providers all together very easily, quickly, and without any hassles. With Cloud hosted QuickBooks, clients can also change their IT requirements according to their necessities and only pay for what they use, when they use it. It also supports numerous plugins which bring additional features and options to Cloud hosted QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Online Edition is a great offering from, Intuit, but it lacks the processing power and functionality of the desktop version. Whereas, on the other hand, the QuickBooks desktop version lacks the accessibility and mobility features of its online counterpart. QuickBooks Online Edition can prove to be beneficial to small companies and businesses which don’t have a complex operational network, but it lacks many features and functions that made the QuickBooks desktop version so popular. But Cloud hosted QuickBooks brings accountants the best of both versions and seamlessly incorporates them into a single package which offers accountants the benefits of both the desktop and the online versions of QuickBooks.

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