Windows Server Hosting – A Solution for Running Powerful Applications!!

Windows Server is a robust server based operating system software developed by Microsoft. Windows Server hosting enhances its already well acknowledged functions and capabilities.

By getting Windows Server hosting in the cloud, you get a trusted, efficient, familiar, scalable, and secure software hosting solution. Cloud computing technology provides instant access to data and collaboration tools at any time and from anywhere round the globe. The ultimate cloud computing advantage is that you are no longer tethered to a single computer or network. You are free to use any computer as your existing applications follow you through the cloud. Your data remains the same no matter what computer or other device you are using to access it.

With Windows Server hosting through cloud computing and application hosting service vendor, you are not required to manage and maintain Windows Server. This reduces the work required for routine maintenance tasks. This leaves more time for you to work on other projects. Windows Server is a robust software and is capable of running the most demanding applications. Windows Server hosting service provides the features which enable an organization to easily deploy and manage Web based solutions that are ready to scale.

Windows Server hosting helps create solutions that support mission critical applications, and ensures that you can manage your solutions with minimum efforts. Windows Server hosting helps improve the scalability and reliability of your applications. Hosting also improves Windows Server’s availability and scalability for applications and services. Hosting provides you ability to elastically scale up or down to meet your business needs as it makes Windows Server capable of handling unprecedented workload size. Your company can support larger workloads by utilizing or increasing system resources (scaling up), and by adding more servers to a workload (scaling out).

Windows Server supports multiple paths to storage devices. With multiple paths, one can load balance storage operations by load balancing the storage requests. This optimizes the performance for storage solution. With multiple paths, Windows Server can failover to an alternate path if the primary path fails.

Windows Server hosting facilitates Windows Server’s File Classification Infrastructure, which provides insight into your data by automating classification processes so that you can manage your data more economically and effectively. File Classification Infrastructure does this by enabling to automatically classify files based on properties defined by administrators and performing administrator specified actions based on that classification. File Classification helps customers save money and reduce risk.

Windows Server hosting vendor provides full troubleshooting and free of cost 24x7x365 support service. Robust backup, SAS 70 Type II compliant data centers, state of the art network, and top notch security are the salient features that a small and medium size business can enjoy by deploying Windows Server in the cloud.

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