SourceLink Hosting – A Must Have For QuickBooks Users!!

SourceLink add-on is a robust document management system that gives its user the ability to easily file, retrieve, and organize his or her source documents associated with each QuickBooks accounting software’s record. SourceLink add-on software is the complete integrated document management solution for QuickBooks’ users. SourceLink add-on software is a boon for small and medium size businesses or SMBs.

QuickBooks and SourceLink add-on software are fully compatible with each other. They can be very easily hosted together with each other by a cloud computing and application hosting service provider. SourceLink hosting along with QuickBooks hosting affords multitude of advantages to small and medium size businesses (SMBs). Using hosted QuickBooks and hosted SourceLink add-on result in better control of business.

Using SourceLink hosting service, you can file and retrieve your source documents to and from the QuickBooks invoices, purchase orders, payments, and any of the different QuickBooks records directly. You can have a clear and detailed audit trail. Also, you can verify any general ledger posting by direct reference to the source document. You can maintain a complete record of your QuickBooks transactions. Analyzing the information in the QuickBooks becomes straight forward as the full wealth of detail is available electronically. SourceLink hosting service for QuickBooks accounting software is a sustainable and comprehensive solution with the most intuitive approach.

SourceLink hosting solution allows multiple users to access same file from anyplace and at anytime. It saves both time and resources for small and medium size businesses. SourceLink hosting service vendor provides free and unlimited technical support. By using SourceLink add-on software hosting service, you do not have to make large upfront software and hardware investments. You also save on costs of operation and maintenance.

You get rolling backup for your business critical data. SourceLink hosting service provider follows same security standards that are used in the financial institutions. Your data and files are stored in secured data centers owned and managed by the application hosting service provider. The security measures include 24 x 7 secured access, security breach alarms, smoke detection technology, fire suppression systems, surveillance by high quality cameras, temperature controlling systems, redundant power supply, and backup generators.

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