QuickBooks Hosting vs Desktop – Which is Better?


We all know that QuickBooks from Intuit, is one of the most popular Accounting software in the world. It has been greatly admired by numerous accountants and CPAs over the years for its several power-packed and performance enhancing features. The reason behind its immense popularity is it inimitable prowess to streamline even the most complex and daunting accounting processes. Intuit also has released several versions of QuickBooks like Accountant, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, all with different sub-features and specialized functions.

In the last few years, even QuickBooks have jumped on the “Cloud” bandwagon, and can now avail all the benefits associated with the Cloud. This takes the already great and popular accounting software from Intuit to a whole new level of efficiency and usability. Unlike the QuickBooks Online version which offers most but not all the features of the desktop versions of QuickBooks, and the performance oriented desktop version, Cloud hosted QuickBooks can offer all the benefits and the robust performance of the desktop version, while also offering the nifty and agile features of the online version together.

With so many different versions of QuickBooks, all of which offer different features and sub-features, it can be hard to decide upon which version to best suit your business or practice the best. The standalone desktop version of QuickBooks, which is basically installed on the local machine is what made QuickBooks popular in the first place with its greater processing speed and overall arsenal of features. But The desktop version was incapable of offering its users with modern collaboration opportunities and scalability options.

This is where Cloud hosted QuickBooks come in! The best thing about Cloud hosted QuickBooks is that the clients can effortlessly transfer their data from one version to another without having to worry about data loss or operational downtime. QuickBooks hosting service providers like Real Time Cloud Services offer their clients a sort of fusion between the desktop and the online versions of QuickBooks. In other terms, it offers the generic benefits of using the Cloud, like remote accessibility, multiple user collaboration, etc. all the while offering the comprehensive and extensive features of the desktop version. Here is a table to help further explain the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting over the other versions.

Features Desktop versions Online versions Hosted versions
Inventory tracking Yes   Yes
Purchase orders Yes Yes
Real-time tracking Yes Yes
Anytime, and anywhere access Yes Yes
Company overview Yes Yes
Multi-user collaboration Yes Yes
Cross device compatibility Yes Yes
Currency calculator Yes Yes
Ease of Add-on integration Yes Yes
Shipping manager Yes Yes
Calculate & re-bill job costs Yes Yes
Calculate customer discount Yes Yes

So to summarize, it is apparent that each and every QuickBooks version from Intuit has different specialization and features, which offer specific advantages and benefits. So before you go ahead and choose a QuickBooks version for your organization or practice, keep in mind the needs and requirements of your accounting operations and then decide upon the version that suits your needs the best. You can also contact our experts at Real Time Cloud Services for a free consultation to simplify your choice of QuickBooks.

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