eBridge Software Hosting

Those hosted QuickBooks software users who are in a search for a complete integration solution that can be perfectly hosted along with QuickBooks accounting software should opt for eBridge software hosting service. eBridge software is fully capable of satisfying all of the integration related needs of small and medium size businesses or SMBs.

Both the QuickBooks accounting software and eBridge integration software can be simultaneously hosted together with each other even on the same server provided by an application and cloud hosting service provider. eBridge software hosting in combination with QuickBooks accounting software hosting offers several benefits especially to small and medium size businesses (SMBs). These benefits help in increasing business prolificacy and generate higher revenue for the company.

eBridge as an add on software solution for QuickBooks financial application users helps bridging the information gap between a firm’s business partners, sales system, inventory system, supply chain management and web-store, and firm’s QuickBooks accounting software. With eBridge integration software program many business application systems can be integrated with your QuickBooks business accounting software. The business application systems that can be integrated with eBridge integration software include customer relationship management or CRM’s integration with QuickBooks business accounting software, Electronic Data Interchange or EDI documents’ integration with QuickBooks financial software, SCM or Supply Chain Management’s integration with QuickBooks accounting software, and Webstore’s integration with QuickBooks accounting software.

eBridge software hosting solution allows multiple users to access same file from anyplace and at anytime. eBridge software hosting integration with QuickBooks software hosting, features seamless, automatic, and bi-directional data exchange in various data formats, including Electronic Data Interchange format, CSV, Flat Files, and XML; attended or unattended batch mode for streamlined document processing; flexible communication methods; user defined audit trails, error notices and reports automatically distributed via e-mail; and ability to interface with all Electronic Data Interchange translators. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a computer to computer exchange, between two business firms, of standard documents in an electronic format.

eBridge software hosting, along with QuickBooks software hosting, saves both time and resources. eBridge integration software program’s seamless integration with QuickBooks financial application allows small and medium size businesses to eliminate the need for manual data entry, and hence, prevents data input errors.

With eBridge software hosting, you benefit from free and unlimited professional support. eBridge software hosting vendor provides end users with IT support, and many issues get resolved through remote remediation technology employment. An efficient eBridge software hosting vendor provides high security to your data through trained data security professionals, robust infrastructure, and possesses complete expertise in monetary data management. All data files are placed in a redundant data center configuration ensuring business continuity with failover and backup technology built in. Data centers are SAS 70 Type II compliant, and the software hosting vendor’s network uses state of the art technology.

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