Hosted Desktop Solution – What’s In It for Accountants?

Hosted Desktop SolutionsIn this age where accuracy, speed and quality are the attributes paid for, sometimes accountants miss out on these constraints due to some problems entangled to the usage of their desktop accounting solutions. Hosted desktop solution is becoming widely-adopted these days. Here is how it can help accountants drive through some of the most common problems to let them enter into a space of seamless accountancy:

1. Cash Flow: If you have a hosted desktop for your accountancy needs, you can work on the basis of pay per month per user. It simply means that it will be possible for you to manage your cash flow tightly. Such a procedure is necessary in this tight-economic environment. What’s more is that in this way, you will be paying only for what you need.

2. Security: When it comes to security, the remote hosting servers are generally co-located in at least two secure data centers. If at any point of time you find that one data centre cannot be accessed, then your provider can connect you the other way round and you can have all your mapped accounting data there till the last checkpoint. Having your accounting data stored in a massive data center, 24/7 CCTV and other physical security can be ensured along with online security activated at the cloud server end.

3. Keeping hardware up-to-date: Updates to the latest hardware to do away with rising incompatibility issues cannot be avoided. With hosted desktop, accountants will not have to fret with regards to upgrading of the hardware since no massive physical equipment is set up at the user’s end. It’s all the responsibility of the service provider.

4. Operating Costs: Running a server in your office along with a maintenance team is a costly affair and also not a sensible option if only your accounting operations feel the need. This is where hosted desktop solution plays its role. Since there is no physical hardware involved, there are no operating costs. This helps save a considerable amount as you simply have to pay a monthly rent for a remote access server which can work better than an in-house setup.

5. Accessibility: It will be possible for you to access your accounting software from virtually any location with an internet connection at any time. All you require is access to the server through the remote access credentials provided to you by your service provider.

6. Technical support: It is your supplier who will be having requisite understanding of the infrastructure or programs. It is therefore necessary for them to have a close working relationship with technical IT staff which is good at troubleshooting issues. It is advisable that you inquire from them as to what team strength they hold to support their services in round-the-clock mode.

7. Flexible work patterns: Through hosted desktop accounting, you will also be able to offer your co-accountants the option to work from home. In this way, you will be able to further save considerable costs and even provide flexibility to your staff members while still maintaining an updated system state with multi-user access and single consistent point of data storage.


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